Classification of Sports Injuries by The Knee Klinik
Sport injuries are assorted as far as the component of damage, how they present in people, and how the damage ought to be overseen. Characterizing precisely what sports damage is can be tricky and definitions are not steady.
Sports injury defined as "damage to the tissues of the body that occurs as a result of sport or exercise".
The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) is a standout amongst the most surely understand mechanisms and considered the gold standard for arrangement of ailments however is presently infrequently utilized in the field of sports medication. For analysts in sport characterizing basic, pragmatic, consistent, operational criteria which portray damage that can be connected over a scope of sports is crucial, especially when creating damage reconnaissance frameworks. Numerous far reaching frameworks have been created to group damage so as to help with improvement of damage reconnaissance which can be utilized crosswise over sports. There are numerous approaches to arrange sports injuries dependent on the time taken for the tissues to end up harmed, tissue type influenced, seriousness of the damage, and which damage the individual presents with.
Types of Injuries in Sports
 Muscle sprains and strains
 Tears of the ligaments that hold joints together
 Tears of the tendons that support joints and allow them to move
 Dislocated joints
 Fractured bones, including vertebrae
Knee Injuries in Sports and Exercise
Because of its complex structure and weight-bearing limit, the knee is the most generally harmed joint. Every year, more than 5.5 million individuals visit orthopedic specialists for knee problems.

Knee injuries can go from gentle to extreme. A portion of the less serious, yet still difficult and practically constraining, knee problems are:
 Runner's knee (pain or tenderness close to or under the knee cap at the front or side of the knee)
 Iliotibial band syndrome (pain on the outer side of the knee)
 Tendinitis, also called tendinosis (marked by degeneration within a tendon, usually where it joins the bone)
Cause of Knee Injury
Knee injuries can result from a blow to or twist of the knee; from improper landing after a jump; or from running too hard, too much, or without a proper warm-up.
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