Stroke can be treated if detection and treatment happen quickly. But would you know if you or a loved one was having one?

Research shows that close to 800,000 Americans have a stroke every year. About 140,000 die from them. It’s estimated that one out of every 20 deaths in the United States can be linked to this brain-damaging condition.

Of course, stroke prevention is the best approach to lower the statistics, but the problem will always exist. Still, medical experts say the number of deaths and the number of people suffering significant health damage would be lower if we all could spot the warning signs of stroke.

What is a stroke?

A stroke happens when the blood to the brain is cut off or reduced. The brain can’t get the required oxygen and nutrients. As a result, brain cells start to die. When brain cells die and stroke occurs, both physical and mental abilities controlled by the brain, including muscle and memory control, can be lost.

After a stroke, a person can be left with impaired judgement, impaired mobility, difficulty with perception, unusual emotions, significant speech impairment, memory loss and problems from neglecting the affected side of the body. Depending on the area of the brain that is affected, the impairment can be mild or severe.

Think FAST to spot a stroke

Communications experts say that close to 90 percent of what we say comes from non-verbal cues. In other words, our body language can tell people a lot. Spotting a stroke is like reading body language.

The American Stroke Association says that we have to think and react fast if we want to catch a stroke. The letters F-A-S-T represent the key warning signs that someone could be having a stroke:

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