School resource management is a critical element to starting and operating a successful charter needs a strong, talented and dedicated teachers and competent business staffs. The management need to regulate staffs, teachers, parents, students, and other non teaching employee with the help of Web Based School Management Software. With the help of this software administrator can check all the activities, and equal participation of teachers and other staffs.

This School ERP is best suited and developed keeping in mind all the user friendly uses . Managing school is complicated and mistakes can be extremely costly. Here web based school management software plays an important role. The HR practice must consult with professionals, including experienced administrators.

School ERP will helps to keep and effectively use nearly any resource in your district, managing assets benefits administrator, superintendents, financial staff teachers, Liberians, and technology staff. The other benefits include:

1. The ability to effectively planned resource expenditures while maintaining equitable access.

2. Manage budget utilization for proper investment.

3. View of asset life-cycle issues so replacements can be planned and cost minimized.

4. Improve resource accountability by teachers, students and parents.

Teachers Management

Teachers can utilize school ERP to receive faster access to maintain easy access in teaching and managing discipline in class:
1. Proper distribution of notes.
2. Managing attendance and keeping proper records.
3. Look at the proper completion of syllabus, scheduling examination and tests.
4. Regulating parents, teachers and students commination.

Parent’s decision and role in management of school.

1. Parents need to take proper participation in management of school authority.

2. They need to take part in parents teachers and student interaction.

3. Need to check there kids performance and requirements
Involvement of their kids in school activities or not.

The dedication in proper management of school ERP requires attention of each and everyone. Here using this web based school management software. Every person attains all- round development. Freedom of democracy of their society and contribute to the future. School Curriculum need to provide students essential and life-long learning. It needs to manage the learning and cultivating positive value, attitudes and commitment to life long learning.

Essential Learning and Curriculum Frame work

It is a total learning experience with the School ERP software. With This school Management software Students can learn and take advantage of this School ERP software for the development of itself.

1. Moral and civic education
2. Intellectual development
3. Community service
4. Physical and aesthetic development
5. Career- related experiences.

Setting the basic development and understanding of the curriculum development. The direction for the development in Web based school management software requires better management of school in simple steps. Monitoring the progress of school curriculum development and assessing its effectiveness. Examining the existing project and the outcomes in making proper managing of school management software. Securing resource is the first priorities and keeping data safe and secure.

The key performance of this web based school management software is in indicating and give direction to the school for flourishing in small investment in marge infrastructure.

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