Statistics show that staged homes both sell faster and at a higher price than unstaged homes. And, if you list your home in the colder winter months, particularly in colder areas, staging becomes even more important. For historically spring and summer are the best times to bring the house on the market in most places.

And your staging challenge will be to really make your home stand out, requiring meticulous attention to detail, making it look cozy and welcoming, and showcasing the seasonal features. And take a look at these seller staging strategies in colder areas, such as Houston Texas.

Make It Safe

Usually, colder places come with lots of winter snow and ice-which can present a threat to anyone who comes to see your house. The last thing you want is a lawsuit on your hands because there was a potential buyer who stumbled on your walk and fell and suffered a serious injury. Here's what the real estate pros recommend to promote safety: Continuously shovel a track through any snow, even if the flakes still fall.

When the temperature is small enough, the footsteps on freshly fallen snow will turn to ice, scrape the path and steps regularly, and scatter a layer of sand or salt over them. Ensure to clear a path to the sidewalk from the street so tourists are not forced to climb over snowdrifts. To carry wet umbrellas and shoes, place a rubber mat by the front door or a tub.

Make It Warm and Cozy

An effective stageing technique for sellers in colder areas like Houston Texas is also a simple one when it's cold and blustery outside. Just make your home comfortable and cozy, a sanctuary from outside inclement conditions.

Turn the thermostat up a few degrees higher than normal to make your home comfortable and thus provide an incentive for viewers to linger and look. Also be sure to light up the fireplace in that important family area for extra warmth and an enticing focal point.

Showcase and Enhance the Fireplace

A fireplace is an important feature and interior item as we have just suggested, and is often an important focal point. Even if we no longer rely on our fireplace for illumination, heat and cooking,Even so, it often remains true that the heart of the home is the kitchen. So you should do everything you can to showcase and enhance the fireplace, particularly sellers in colder areas like Houston Texas.

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