"Not only does a modern fireplace," staging and real estate experts say, become instantly a breathtakingly eye-catching feature for any location, but they have become more cost-effective due to advances in energy efficiency. Due to its effortless maintenance, minimal looks and flexibility, the most popular fireplace trend is an ethanol-burning fireplaza. You can also opt for a mirrored glass fireplace that is perfect for a spacious, light-filled home.

Light It Up

Speaking of warmth, this will be a major step-by-step factor for sellers in colder areas like. You need to let in all the natural light you can, when days are short and dim. And make sure all the drapes are opened and the blinds pulled up.

Yet, when the little winter sunshine is fading, many customers will only be able to visit your home after work in the evenings. In that case, ensure that all fixtures, lamps, and bulbs are clean and free of dust, and then turn them on. If required install lamps in darker areas. A light-filled house will appear warm and inviting, encouraging buyers to spend more time looking at their home.

Put Up Seasonal Decorations

Another good sale stage strategy in colder areas like involves playing up the seasonal mood to make a home more appealing to buyers. You can do that with proper fun, cheerful holiday decorations. Just make sure the decorations aren't too tacky or kitschy, and add elegance and warmth to them. However, avoiding explicitly religious-themed decorations is a good idea because some people might find them distracting or offensive. Only exercise good taste and aim for dry, friendly and cheerful holidays.

Sure, warmer months are usually the peak season to shopping at home. But even sellers in colder areas like will find success in the wintertime with these staging techniques. Besides, you'll have less competition during the colder months, and buyers also seek to find and buy a home more urgently. There's a lot to get right, however, so you might consider hiring a professional staging service. Your local real estate agent can also be a valuable asset to help you make staging decisions and, if you need one, put you in touch with a professional stager.

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