Did you know that Stairway to Heaven is one of the most successful Korean dramas ever made? It is still popular in Asian countries, especially the Philippines. The drama was a huge hit in the country a few years ago and a localized version of the TV show is now airing.

But what makes this Korean drama so cool? First of all, it has a very powerful story. For some peculiar reason, Asians love to watch clichéd TV shows. And this drama is not lacking in that department. You have the two childhood friends who would have lived together happily ever after if it weren't for this girl and her evil stepmother.

Then, just as things are about to get better, the protagonist has amnesia after being hit by a car. And then the story continues. This is probably one of the saddest and heartbreaking dramas ever created. You will need a box of tissues by your side during each and every episode.

So how did this drama become such a hit despite the predictable storyline? A stellar performance by the actors and actresses of this television show made it possible. When one of the characters laughs, you can't help but laugh with him. And when they cry, you can't help but shed tears too.

You will experience a roller coaster of emotions as you go through this series and it is one that you will not easily forget. The power of Korean dramas also comes from the fact that they end after one season. Therefore, each and every episode should have a strong impact on you. Then the tension will build until the final episode where everything will be revealed.

An excellent strategy if used well. And it was used perfectly in this Korean drama. There are still numerous stores where you can purchase a copy of Stairway to Heaven, so buy one now before supplie https://loperonline.com/en/

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Stairway to Heaven - Famous Korean TV Drama