Did you know that sitting at a desk all day raises your risk of developing diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and even early death?
Fortunately, a standing desk converter can help you avoid these negative health consequences. But not all stand-up desk converter models are created equal.
What do you need to know to make the best purchase? Read on to learn more about sitting to standing desk options and which one's right for you.

What is a Stand-Up Desk Converter?
Stand up desk converters allow you to adjust the height of your workspace. That way, you can work at your current desk either seated or standing. This allows for a seamless transition into a "standing habit" at work.
Researchers continue to study the effects of standing to work. But initial evidence points to noteworthy health benefits.

The Health Benefits of Standing to Work
It might feel intimidating at first to consider a big workplace change like transitioning from sitting to standing. But the move stands to make you happier and longer-lived. Standing to work leads to the follow health benefits:

lowered risk of weight gain and obesity
decreased blood sugar levels
reduced risk of heart disease
decreased back pain
The impressive health benefits of standing desks correlate to increased longevity. Conversely, sitting remains linked to a decreased quality of life and a shorter lifespan.

Conclusive evidence from 18 studies reveals that people that sit the most die the earliest. The data couldn't be more clear. Other studies suggest that if we reduced sitting time to three hours per day, we could add two more years to our lives.

But the benefits don't stop there. Research shows that standing throughout the work day impacts your attitude and performance.

Other Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk Conversion
Making the transition to standing leads to better quality of life and increased longevity. But can it make you do a better job? Yes.

When participants of one study stood at their desks for seven weeks, they reported lower levels of fatigue and stress. Eighty-seven percent of participants also noted increased energy and vigor. This led to ramped up job performance.

Practical Considerations
Apart from the impressive health benefits and improvements in mood and performance, there are practical concerns to keep in mind. First, let's talk about the price of standing desk converters.

They tend to be cheaper than their seated or full standing desk counterparts. They are compact in size. So, they ship more easily and affordably than other types of desks.

What does this mean for you? It permits you to explore the "standing at work" difference with minimal investment. The converter sits atop your current seated desk, so you don't have to worry about moving and/or disposing of your current desk.

Unlike seated desk furniture or full seated desks, converters are a cinch to assemble. In fact, many come ready made. So, you can start using them right out of the box with a few minor adjustments. No tools required.

Standing desk converters prove highly portable, too. You can take them wherever you work.
For example, you can migrate from your home office desk to the kitchen counter to the dining room table as the mood strikes you. Wherever you go, your standing desk converter goes.
The advantages of opting for a standing desk converter are many. But how do you find the right model for you? Here are some factors to consider as you're evaluating different models.

As you dive into research, pay particular attention to the following considerations:

Let's take a closer look at these criteria and how you can make a sound judgment while shopping.

Finding the Right Desk Converter for You
There are some important criteria to keep in mind as you start researching and evaluating various desk converters. These include assessing the desk's overall structure, the company that makes it, and customer reviews of each product.
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