Statistics can be viewed in different ways. In general it is considered to deal with graphs, charts, percentages, and averages. It consists of rules and methods of collecting and presenting numerical information. It also consists of making inferences from a given data. The statistical information can be used to explain unexplained things, to make and justify a claim, to make comparisons, to find out unknown quantities, to predict information about future and to establish relationship between quantities. Thus, it is a subject, which consists of more than numbers.

There are many characteristics associated with the subject. It deals with variability that obscures underlying patterns. It also deals with uncertainties and with those characteristics that can be described either quantitatively or qualitatively. Due to its characteristics, it is used in every field. For instance, businesspersons, administrators, scientists, politicians, researchers or even a layman – all us statistical figures in day to day discussions. Everyone seeks the help of statistics tools and techniques to construct hypothesis and test it.

Under statistics,you can studya number of areas related to finance, business and mathematics. It typically covers variance,Mode, Expected value, Range,Standard deviation,Median, Probability concept, Averages, Binomial distribution,Probability distribution,Confidence interval of the mean,Small sample distribution (t-distribution) etc. It has both the theoretical and applied aspects attached to it.

In theory, one study of the above concepts in detail and in applicability the theory is applied to a large range of data. Computations and calculations are part of all statistical assignments. Usually students are asked to conduct a survey and compute the findings. These surveys are based on the liking and disliking of the population. Apart from assignments, the research projects mainly consist of statistical analysis. As every research consists of data, so statistical test are used to analyze the data and come up with correct findings.

To help analyze the data there are many statistical soft wares. These include SPSS Minitab SAS help and Stat graphics. SPAA Minitab is powerful software that solves many statistical problems with ease. This software was first developed in late 1972 by a professor of Penn State University. Due to its excellent configuration and results, it has been used widely in areas related to statistics, sports, mathematicseconomics, medicine and engineering. SPSS is basically a comprehensiveprogram which is used for investigatingunder consideration facts. While making use of charts, plots, tabulate reports and trends, it is used for evaluating information. Although, in your initial stages, you will find it a bit complex and difficult to use, but as you learn and get familiar with its system, you will find it pretty helpful in analyzing data and figures.

The third software is SPSS Minitab SAS.It is basicallyan integrated collection of statistical and other procedures (PROCs), which run on the Synoptic Lab Linux computers. SAS (Statistical Analysis System) are usually accessible from any of the lab workstations;however, for this you need to have a script first. SPSS Minitab SASfunctions on a matrix programming language that is known as PROC IML.

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