Staying In A Loveless Marriage For Child: Staying In A Marriage Out Of Obligation

Are you wondering about staying in a loveless marriage? There are a number of people that are living in unhappy "loveless" marriages that are looking for a way to simply maintain the relationship that they have. Everyone has their own ideas about what this type of marriage does or doesn't offer. Loveless can mean a variety of things to different people. Some people think it means no sex while others believe that it means that there is no affection or intimacy whatsoever. There could be regular sex in a marriage, but there could be a lack of emotional closeness that was once present from one or both people. It can be said that each spouse is just merely living together and not in a happy marriage.

There are many times where people stay together in a marriage because they don't want their children to be affected in a negative manner. There are also instances where money may make you stay in a marriage. There are even circumstances where you could be a person that has taken your vows seriously and have decided that you want to make your marriage work. There are ways to get through a marriage that is deemed to be loveless. However, it should be noted that everyone deserves to be happy and you do not have to live in a loveless marriage. You can change a loveless marriage into one that can be happy and very fulfilling.

Your Marriage is Your Marriage and No One Else's: I would like to begin by saying that I do not like the term loveless marriage. This term makes it seem as if the spouses never even cared for each other at all or that the possibility of establishing love is not possible. This makes it very difficult for you to begin to bring love in to the marriage. It is better to acknowledge that your marriage is not at its best right now and that you will have to take effort to make it work. The intimacy issues can be fixed. Stop thinking that your marriage is loveless and begin taking steps to fix it.

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It is very important that you stop caring what other people think about your marriage. Your personal life and marriage are for you to focus on and no one else. There may be many entities that will have people believing that if you do not show affection all the time with your spouse than there are obviously marital problems. This is understandable as people that have committed to be married do have a close connection that is deeply rooted in love and intimacy. However, if any of these traits are missing from your marriage at this point it does not mean that your marriage is doomed or that you cannot reclaim your marriage. You just need to focus more on implementing these traits into the marriage. Stop worrying about how others perceive your union and begin the process of fixing it so that you and your spouse can be happy. Don't allow people on the outside to determine what you need to do to make your marriage a happy one.

Don't Settle For a Loveless Marriage: There are many people that choose to remain in a marriage that is without love either because they want to avoid hurting someone or they are doing it in the best interest of the children. The truth is that both the children and your partner are aware that something is amiss. It is very important to note that children are aware of the lack of affection between their parents and if they are raised in such an environment are more likely to fall into the trap of having a marriage that is devoid of love also. Counseling professionals often note that one of the most important things you can give both yourself and your children is the sight of two people that really love one another. This piece of advice should not be taken lightly at all as it is very true that children model what their parents show them.

In many ways, parents are the ones that show their children how to live their lives. You must remember that your children are being provided with an example of how to live their lives each day, and they will take this with them into adulthood. Children are able to see that their home is different from other people's homes, and ultimately this will affect the way in which they are able to form and maintain relationships with others. Growing up in an environment that is devoid of love can deeply affect children in the future.

This is in no way being said to make you feel bad about your home life or to say that your children are not being raised properly. This is a being revealed in order to make it very clear that your actions could very well be affecting your children on a level that you don't comprehend.

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Rescuing a Loveless Marriage: If you are reading this article it is because there are obviously issues in your marriage which revolve around there being a lack of love and affection. Perhaps it feels like both of you are just in a routine and there is no spontaneity or time for affection. However, this can be stopped, but someone has to take the initiative and it might as well be you since you've taken the time to find information on this topic. It may make you feel a little uneasy being the one to mention the lack of affection, but it is better to address the problem in order to make things better.

There are two things that you can do. One of them is to simply tell your spouse that the lack of affection and intimacy in the marriage is a concern of yours and you want to improve things substantially. You should really try to emphasize that you want this to be something new different and exciting that you can work on together so that it doesn't sound like a chore. This conversation is the beginning of any steps you will take to add more intimacy to your marriage.

You can also begin the process of changing the marriage by changing the way you act. In the end the only person that we really can control is ourselves. If you want a more intimate marriage than it is necessary for you to begin the process. Start slow and simply. Doing such things as holding your spouse's hand, laughing together or touching him or her lightly can be done without feeling awkward or feeling pressured. Take your time in the beginning and then gradually build to the levels of intimacy over time until it becomes natural.

Being Happy for Yourself: It is always very important for you to also look at your own personal happiness while working on improving your marriage as a whole. It will be very hard for you to get what you want from the marriage if you are not personally fulfilled. You first have to make yourself happy and then you focus on being happy with another person. It is far easily for you to be in a balanced relationship with another person when you have taken the responsibility for making yourself happy. Basically, you have to be happy with yourself in order to be in a position where you can effectively make the marriage better for both parties.

Personally, my husband threatened to end our marriage because he thought there was no love. I didn't want the marriage to end, but I was so focused on the negative in the marriage. Luckily, I came to my senses and begin to change the way I approached my marriage. In the end I was able to reclaim my husband's love and change my marriage completely.

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My marriage was a wreck a few years ago. For years my wife and I had problems that we just couldn't resolve. We read books, we met with our pastor, we tried individual counseling and we tried couples counseling. Although some of these resources offered some temporary help to us, ultimately we always ended up right back where we'd been.

I eventually resigned myself to the idea that our marriage was about as good as it was ever going to be. Still I always held out hope that things would eventually work themselves out. I guess maybe that's why I was so shocked when my wife approached me one day and told me she wanted a divorce. I was completely unprepared to handle this bombshell and the pain I felt was worse than anything I had experienced.

Overwhelmed by a combination of shock, hurt and anger I tried everything I could think of to get her to change her mind, and give our marriage one more chance. No matter what I did though, it seemed to make the problem even worse!

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And then almost by accident, I learned about some very powerful secrets that had never really occurred to me. It turned out that I had been doing the complete opposite of what I should have been doing! Here is what I learned that can help you save your marriage too:

1. The common negative emotions (shock, hurt, anger, fear, jealousy and desperation) when you are in a marriage crisis can cause you to make the critical mistakes that nearly everyone makes. Any one of these mistakes can kill your chance to save your marriage. You must put yourself in a more resourceful state of mind.

2. You must be prepared and willing to love your spouse enough to let him or her go! This can be a very difficult and scary idea. It's natural to want to cling to those we love for fear of losing them, but the more we push the more they will pull away. By allowing a natural and healthy space between you and your partner, the clearer both of your heads become and the more attractive you'll be. You must avoid clingy, desperate behavior!

3. You've heard that with every action there is a reaction. The actions you've been taking obviously haven't been working! If your best thinking has gotten you to this point in the marriage, maybe it's time to consider different action! There are very specific things you can do that will change the dynamics of your relationship even if your spouse isn't doing anything to save the marriage! But you must be willing to take immediate action!

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I often wonder with the frightening statistics of divorce just how many other marriages are saved from the brink to not become part of that statistic. To me this says that the vast majority of marriages in this age suffer from problems that could lead to divorce making only a very small portion of people in happy no problem relationships and the rest screaming help me save my marriage!

As frightening as this is I do believe that this simply means that everyone has similar problems and with this wealth of experience and lessons learned we can all learn how to stop divorces from happening and most importantly building a marriage and relationship than can endure these rifts, survive and grow stronger as a result. To do this, the entire way you approach a failing marriage must be consistent and adhere to a core value of love and as sappy as that sounds in a very material world I believe you can overcome any problem as long as the enhancement and growth of love between the two people is the real objective.

Often we get so bogged down in the petty things in life that it overtakes our thinking and can often be a way to avoid the real issues because they are hard to think about and articulate to our partners. Money is one of the biggest issues that most married couples fight about for instance but many successful marriages survive money problems when both people pull together and they overcome it. Why does it drive a wedge between so many couples? In my opinion it is because they fight about the surface problems and never get to the real issues which can often be very primal to do with security, social hierarchy and underneath it all ... love. If a woman loves her husband from her heart from his kindness and compassion even if he is not rich the relationship will survive but the only way to get to that ideal loving relationship is communication.

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As often as this word is bandied around it is often misunderstood (much like the word love!). Couples often think they communicate but there are a few real killers of communication that can inhibit your marriage:

Ego - Between a husband and wife there should be no bravado and ego, your ego is often a shield between you and the world to protect your vulnerabilities but your partner needs to be the one to see your soul free of ego and posturing. If you cannot put aside your ego you will never let the truth be known and your communications will be based on false assumptions and even lies. It also leads to the worst of all marital problems making people yell 'help me save my marriage' when they have the power to do it themselves with a simple change in attitude. Try not to win!

Keeping Score - If you really want the answer to 'help me save my marriage' then you need to make sure when an argument happens you can defuse the anger and tension. This means letting go of your ego and exposing yourself and your vulnerabilities, if your partner loves you they will not fire on an unarmed opponent. The best way to do this is to not make yourself opposing, while an argument is a discussion of problems they are often hindered because both sides refuse to "lose" and always defend themselves and fire back insults or accusations leading to a game of tit for tat and both sides start keeping score and looking for revenge or a way to win an argument which is often at that surface level not at the real problem too making it even more petty. The first step should be to abandon taking score and accept a few barbs because in the end they do not matter if you want to inject love back into the relationship rather than keep a grudge.

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I sometimes hear from wives who are very afraid that they are never going to be able to get back together with the husband that they still love. This can be very frustrating when you know in your heart that your husband still loves you and that your marriage might stand a chance if it weren't for other people who are trying to interfere in your life. This is especially true if the people who are interfering are part of your husband's family.

I heard from a wife who said: "my husband's family has never liked me. They have always given me the impression that they think that they are better than me. It's true that I don't have an ivy league education or a country club family but I'm smart and successful. I work very hard for what I have and I love their son. From the beginning of our marriage, his parents have interfered with our lives. My husband is very close with his parents so he happily put up with this. They have made it clear all along that they didn't think I was treating their son fairly. They felt that my having a high stress job and leaving some of the child care responsibilities to him made me selfish. They also found out that we've been to counseling because we aren't always compatible. In fact, things got so bad between us that my husband moved out and we became separated. I've grown a lot during the separation. And I now realize that I sometimes took my husband for granted. We've had a lot of discussions about this and we are getting closer all of the time. I thought that we were making real progress until the other night when my husband said 'my parents are going to freak out if we get back together because they think I've finally come to my senses. I don't want for think to think that I've lost my mind again.' I was stunned. I know that his parents don't like me, but I didn't think that he cared this much about their opinion. What if him caring so much keeps us from getting back together?"

This was a difficult situation because the wife conceded that she had made some costly mistakes. But she was also insistent that she was committed to changing, making things right, and treating her husband how he deserved to be treated. In the following article, I'll offer some tips on how to best handle it.

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Understand That If You Prove Yourself To His Parents Over Time, They Will Often Come To Accept You And The Marriage: This couple had young children. So the wife had come to understand why her husband's parents were so protective. No one wants to stand by and see their child be hurt or taken advantage of. And while the husband's parents were pushy and meddlesome, the wife could clearly see that their intentions were out of love for their child.

The good news here is that often, if you show them that you have changed over time., they will come to accept you. Sure, it may take a while. And yes, you will often have to show them with your actions instead of your words. But often, once they see that their son is happy and that the marriage agrees with him, they will usually accept and embrace the person who is making their son and their grandchildren happy. This is just human nature, despite the reservations that they may have had in the beginning.

Consider Having A Heartfelt Discussion With Everyone Involved: This situation was bothering the wife a great deal and yet, she hadn't had a frank conversation with anyone. The first conversation should probably be with the husband. She might say something like: "I understand that you're concerned about your parents. I don't want their disapproval either. But I think that if we just move forward and they see us being happy, they will eventually accept it. I don't have any intention of giving them anything to be unhappy about. I am confident that I can prove to them and to you that your trust isn't misplaced. And, at the end of the day, it is our marriage and it is our decision. It isn't any one else's choice to make."

Another option might be to have a frank discussion with the parents. If you think that they might be rude or if you fear that you might get confrontational, then it's probably better to wait rather than to make things worse. But if you are confident that everyone can remain calm, you might say something like: "you know, there's some concern about how you will feel if we reconcile. I can't control how you feel, but I want to assure you that I have made some real changes and I believe that these changes will mean that we have a strong marriage and a happy family. Because that's really all I want and I know that you want that too. I know that you have no reason to believe me until you see for yourself. But I just wanted to reassure you that I really do intend to make your son happy. And I know that his happiness is what we both want."

Having this conversation may not change the parents' minds immediately, but at least it will clear the air and set the stage. Now it was up to the wife to make good on her promises. If she did that, then they shouldn't have anything to complain about or any reason to judge.

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