Nowadays, many researchers are looking for new treatment for prostatitis. And actually, there are some breakthroughs related to treating prostatitis, including stem cell therapy.

As we can see, with the fast development of stem cell technology in these years, experts from home and abroad have confirmed the feasibility of stem cell transplantation. Through the characters of stem cell, such as being anti-inflammatory, promoting tissue repair capability and great immune regulation, they have succeeded in treating chronic nephritis, renal failure, premature ovarian failure and other diseases associated with the urinary and reproductive system.

Therefore, using stem cell to treat prostatitis seems to be a new and approachable option. As we all know, prostatitis is a common urogenital disease in men, especially for middle-aged and elderly men. The disease can be divided into two types, acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. Studies show that about one out of ten patients with acute prostatitis may develop a chronic one over time, which is usually caused by unprofessional treatment or bad living habits.

In general, patients with chronic prostatitis is more difficult to be totally cured, and the disease can cause more damage to man's health if left untreated for too long. Therefore, an effective and efficient treatment should be offered to the patient. So can stem cell therapy help?

Due to the strong self-renewal, multi-directional differentiation ability and great proliferation, stem cell therapy has attracted more and more attention in the intervention of chronic prostatitis and other diseases. They can secrete a variety of nerve cells, glial cells and endocrine cells, taking place of aging cells as well as apoptosis prostate cells, thus restoring the prostate function and protecting the prostate gland from bacterial invasion.

In addition, under the effect of the microenvironment in vivo, stem cells can be induced to gather in the inflammatory damage area in the prostate gland, which can help to eliminate diseased cells, regenerate prostate cells and repair tissues. Stem cells can improve self-regulation function and metabolism function, and they can improve the reproductive system by activating prostate cells.

This new technology does have a bright future in treating chronic prostatitis, which can be an alternative method for patients. But in general, medication can be a good option for patients with chronic prostatitis, which involves no surgeries.

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