The symptoms of strep throat with the passage of time give strep throat an acute form. The initial symptoms being throat inflammation, swelling of lymph nodes and pus formation is followed by other infectious symptoms and complications that go side by side as the disease period prolongs. The vicious cycle commenced as a result of the initial primary symptoms cause other complications to spring up out of nowhere. Complications that are brought to life by the symptoms mainly fever, swollen red lymph nodes; the swollen lymph nodes in the throat that could easily be spotted when the patient opens the mouth, blockage of throat passages; pharynx and larynx lead to other symptoms and signs that go hand in hand as the disease takes its acute form.

The strep throat symptoms in the patient proceed in such a way that the patient suffering from strep throat experiences long lasting fever. The pyrogens in the body are released due to the entry of the pathogen and the pyrogens in the bloodstream increase the temperature of the body leading to fever that gradually increases with the passage of time. The targeted lymph nodes that had swollen as a result of the infection block the passages; larynx and pharynx in the throat leading to less area that would be provided by the throat to allow the food and edibles to gain entry into the throat. As the air pipe and the food pipe are blocked by the lymph nodes, the food does not properly enter the throat and so the swollen area feels pain. It is painful to swallow and the mucus discharged from the throat region contains blood due to the rashes formed on the lymph nodes. The air pipe blockage causes the patient to have breathing problems followed by complications like suffocation, crankiness, coughing and choking. As the food is not properly taken in and the diet is not a balanced one, the patient may experience variable degrees of dehydration.

The vicious cycle takes another turn as the patient, apart from all the other symptoms, faces a problem of abdominal pain, discomfort crankiness and emotional disturbances all being the symptoms of strep throat. The abdominal pain is initiated as a result of malnutrition and improper diet which causes the patient to experience a sensation of vomiting; nausea. The abdominal pain is not that severe but with the passage of time crankiness and nausea become stronger and so the abdominal pain experienced by the patient causes him to be restless at times. Loss of appetite and weakness followed by red eyes and insomnia are but a few steps in the process of the disease taking its acute form. Weakness gives the patient a restless attitude and the restlessness leads to insomnia in the patient. The red eyes appear as a result of the restlessness and discomfort felt by the patient when he experiences abdominal pain, nausea and crankiness. High and long lasting fever gives the patient a fatigue that cannot be easily tolerated.

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