Ever feel like you have too many problems to deal with, too many challenges to face? Too much uncertainty? Stuck in 'Analysis Paralysis'?

This is a huge problem in today's fast paced competitive world. The only solution is to raise your game - physically, mentally and spiritually. The challenges you face are really an opportunity for you to become stronger, wiser and better. There is no challenge big enough to destroy your spirit. Your spirit, which is the source of your strength, is indestructible. So your ability to bounce back from challenges is built in to you and no one can take that away.

The key is to take action.....every day....positive steps forward guided by wisdom and faith in your inner strength. Get organized, write down your goals, decide what you want to get done each week, talk to people you know, start a to-do list. If you feel lazy, get up and go for a walk!

Start your day with physical exercise, and a determination to keep pressing forward no matter what. Your job is to take action. The results will flow naturally. Stay focused on the good you want to do. Keep away from negativity and self-pity. Smile, because you know you are being tested!

At the end of the day, take pride in a day well spent. It is not about whether you win or lose each day, but how you play the game. End the day with a moment of gratitude, a prayer for more strength tomorrow, and a meditation to connect with your inner self.

Tomorrow is the day you create today.

Sunil Sharma, Ph.D

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Sharma has a deep compassion for humanity. Life has brought him into contact with a wide range of cultures, experiences and challenges. His calling is to guide people, individually and collectively, to live life from a place of inner strength and peace at every stage of life.