Thin hair for some people is frustrating to quite a degree. They struggle to get bounce and volume and are frequently at odds while styling hair. In this blog we talk about styling tips for those with thin hair higlights.
Product tips
You should search for lightweight products that will not weigh down your hair. There are many different shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that are available in the market especially for thin and fine hair. If you have been using wax based products, you should switch to an airy and light foam instead. To give your hair that oomph factor, try a root booster. Root boosters employ lightweight polymers to keep your hair from falling flat at the day’s end. If you prefer, you can also use a light hairspray to keep your flying strands in place.
A good haircut
You should spend some time researching hair stylist . You would need to look for a stylist who specializes in fine and thin hair. If you are unsure of their ability you can always ask them to provide you with references. Speak to the references to find out exactly how good the ahir stylist actually is. While getting the haircut you should ensure that your expresses wants have been communicated to the stylist beforehand in order to do away with miscommunication. Both you and your stylist should be on the same page prior to the haircut. If you are going for layers, keep them to a minimum. In order to prevent the style from getting stale you can vary the length from time to time. You can wear your hair straight or add waves and curls for a feminine look.
The hair brush
The choice of a good hair brush will make a world of difference when it comes to hair styling. You will have a lot of choices when it comes to the material of the hair brush, they come in high tech as well as natural materials. For daily use you will require at least 2 hair brushes, keep an eye out for the vented brush. This brush will be your ally when you are blow drying your hair. The vents on the brush will allow warm air currents to pass through giving your hair the much needed body it requires.
Blow drying technique
When blow drying your hair, do away with the nozzle attachment; it concentrates the flow of air and heat and has a flattening effect on the hair. Keep the dryer on medium heat and then lift and dry individual sections of the hair with the help of the vented brush.
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