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Although YouTube allows us watching videos offline, by saving those videos. But it does not permit the user to download the videos to their local space storage. The terms and conditions by YouTube mention that you are not supposed to use any third-party source for downloading purpose. But still, if you are looking to get certain videos in your device, then there are a lot of apps available on the Play store. These third-party sources allow you to get the content available on the world’s popular video streaming site to get in your device. In this article, we have listed some of the best video downloading apps available offline and online to download visual content from YouTube and other sources as well. And amazingly, these options are free to use; you will need not to pay a single penny.

It is one of its kind the most popular android application for downloading your favorite visual content. Along with the users can download the videos from 27 other platforms, including social networking sites as well. The interactive, user-friendly interface makes the app stand out from the rest of the others. The users have the option to fetch the videos in HQ resolution and even 4K videos as well. If you want the mp3 format of YouTube videos or you want to download videos from youtube, then this app can be beneficial for you. As you will need to install any external third-party plugin to perform the task.


It is considered one of the best YouTube video downloading application. The features of this app are superlative and have no comparison. It performs the task swiftly and efficiently without generating any further trouble for you. It is the most reliable source available over the Play Store. The app allows you to select the video quality before fetching your device. It also gives customizable space to the user, as you can bookmark videos and can save videos in incognito mode as well.

YT3 Youtube Downloader

It is the simplest app you will ever come across, with a user-friendly interface. You can download the visual content as per your preference, either in mp3 or mp4 format. The process of downloading the video is great as you will not face any hassle while using the application. The app is only dedicated to download the videos from YouTube and does not offer the facility to fetch visual content from other sites.


The most reliable and trustworthy source of downloading videos from YouTube and other online sources. The interface is designed by bearing in mind the current technological standards, and the user needs as well. You can even directly search YouTube videos from the application. It swiftly downloads the video, and also gives the feature to select the quality. You can share the videos with your social media accounts directly from the app. It automatically saves the videos in the device and organizes them according to the category of video.

Some of the android application that can work perfectly for you. There are a lot more applications as well as available over Play Store, you can even opt for them according to your needs. 

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