With the tax season around the corner, now would be the right time to  ponder how to file your taxes.


Here’s a stat that could help. In the year 2016, around 37% of the Australian people hired professional tax consultants to guide them with their tax matters. While 27% of them, file their taxes themselves either by hand or using some digital software.


There are numerous perks of outsourcing taxes. And, there are no shortages of quality tax professionals to help out with such matters either. The only concern is finding the right one as not all tax professionals are the same.


Ideally; having an expert not just helps save money, but also prevent possible troubles with the IRS delegates. These experts can also act as an advisory body for business, informing the officials about new taxation rules and communicating what any tax-number means to them.


When sorting out a quality tax consultant/accounting service provider, there are numerous factors to keep in mind. Some of those factors include the credential and experience, knowledge about tax rules and also their ability to file taxes properly all-the-time.


For those who are doing this for the first time, here’s a set of questions that they ought to ask an online tax consultant in London, before hiring them for real. Read closely!


  1. What Documents Do You Require From My End?


Filing taxes can be a complicated process, and that is why having professional support could be beneficial. When sorting out the right option, the first question to ask is what documents are needed.


Usually, the key documents include gathering paystubs, 1099 forms, bank statements, etc. The hallmark of quality tax experts is that they will clearly state the important documents needed to prepare the paperwork. 


So, ask this question, sooner rather than later, as it will only present one more time to prep the tax paperwork in order.


  1. How Often Will You Communicate With Me About Tax Issues?


Every consultant will have a different frequency of communication for planning tax. So; one should ask about someone with a prospective accounting approach, a cordial tone and offers a satisfactory degree of communication. Simply put; one should be comfortable speaking to the expert about any tax issues.


Quality tax consulting experts make themselves available 24*7 to serve their clients needs and answer to their questions. Be sure to check it out beforehand.


  1. Do You Provide Audit Support Too?


Tax audits are not usually uncommon. Yet there is a 1% chance of filers getting picked- thus one cannot rule away the possibility of making to that list.


Truth be told, a quality tax consultant cannot necessarily stop the return from being chosen. But they definitely can provide audit support if the tax return is indeed flagged.


That’s why it makes sense to ask this question to the tax consultant before hiring them. Licensed and experienced accounting services provider in London represents business runners in the audit situation. They respond to IRS inquiries either via email or face-to-face at a meeting.


Another thing to confirm is whether these experts provide their audit support at some charge or not. Some charge additional costs, and for this service, thus it would be good to know what one is getting into before signing any dotted lines with a tax consultant.



When sorting out the right option, be sure to get answers to these questions from the chosen tax consultant. If there is anything else to know, feel free to ask without hesitation.


Being clear about everything will only help in making the right decision. So, without any more delay, start the search.

Author's Bio: 

The author works as a professional tax consultant in London, and also has a fair idea about the top accounting services provider in London.