Just before iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra were launched, Apple released iTunes 12.7. This time no small adjustments, but a big update in which a number of functions have disappeared. For example, iTunes no longer displays App Store and you can no longer sync apps with your iPhone or iPad.

This article contain all changes in iTunes 12.7 and here you will come to know how to synchronize purchased apps with your iPhone or iPad. In addition to the app functionality, Apple has also said goodbye to Ringtones. At first it seemed that you could not synchronize your self-made or downloaded ringtones with your iPhone, but that is not true and you can easily do this.

Apple has released a 'new' version of iTunes where you can synchronize apps and ringtones in the old way.

How to Sync ringtones with your iPhone
For simple explanation, we differentiate between home-made / downloaded ringtones and purchased ringtones in the iTunes Store. In the steps below, we explain how to synchronize the homemade ringtones. Before you get started, open the Tones folder in Finder or Windows Explorer. You do this on a Mac via Finder

Your home folder > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Show Tones / (Call). On a Windows PC you can consult this via the Map Music

> iTunes Media.
> Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC via the USB cable
> Open iTunes
> Navigate to your iPhone (click on the icon in the button bar)
> An overview opens with navigation column

In this navigation column you see 'Show' at the bottom. Now open the Tones folder in Finder / Explorer and select all ringtones in the folder. Then drag it to the "Show" option in the sidebar of the iTunes window. Release to place the tones, immediately they are synchronized with your iPhone. Then you can consult the tones via Settings (then click) Sounds / Hear and Feel. This way you can of course also synchronize new tones.

Remove ringtones from your iPhone
Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC and open iTunes. Navigate to your iPhone by clicking on the icon in the toolbar. In the sidebar, open 'Overview' and in the window that has been opened, select 'Manage videos manually', confirm by clicking on 'Apply'. Now open 'Show' in the sidebar and remove the ringtones by clicking on the tone with a secondary click and choosing 'Remove from library'.

Purchase purchased ringtones again
Open Settings and navigate to Hear and feel (Sounds). Then tap any sound settings to adjust the sound. Then open the list with all available tones, tap on the top of 'Download all purchased tones' to download your ringtones to your iOS device. From that moment you can use them as a ringtone or for other tones. Or you can also download free mobile ringtones from https://www.mobilesringtones.com/

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Misty Jhones