It doesn't matter if the decor of the house is traditional or contemporary, has small space or large living space, every home needs electric charm in the house. And tables are the pieces which add a charm to the house. They are the furniture pieces which have a flat top surface of glass, wood or marble and can be used for eating, working or for decorating antique items. They are the pieces which come in wide assortment of designs, styles and sizes and can be placed anywhere in the house. Like a wooden table can be placed next to the armchair in the bedroom, in front of the fireplace, in between the sofas, etc. Tables online also serve as the best storage unit as they come with drawers and shelves to hide the clutter and to provide an organised look to the house. The mismatched tables look something that is both timeless and trendy. Thus have a look at various ways to decorate or revamp the decor of the house with different tables to create a comfortable, uncluttered, and functional interior.

1. Console table as a bar in the dining room: A sturdy and beautiful console table with drawers can be used as bar unit in the dining room. Place some bottles, and wine glasses on the top and bottom space can be used to keep other items like tissue papers, ice box and much more. In the drawers, you can use organisers to hold bottle openers and other bar tools.

2. Centre table in the bedroom as a vanity: Turn up your table into a vanity by proping a mirror on the top and cushioned tool. You can also place a small tray on the top to hold small and precious jewellery and perfumes bottles. For extra storage space, you can put a wicker basket at the bottom to keep travel bags, lotions and shampoos.

3. End table in the hallway: Create a drop zone for the keys, coins and anything else by placing an end table in the lobby. If the end tables have drawers or shelves, you can also use them to protect accessories like sunglasses, gadgets, mobile chargers, etc.

4. Coffee table as an office station: You can use a coffee table with storage as an office desk by mounting it with everyday essentials like notepads, folders, sticky notes, etc. You can also save space by placing bulkier things like printers and magazine files in the storage space.

5. Nest of tables to hold essentials: You can use the nest of tables in the bedroom as a bedside table to keep the alarm clocks, books and other accessories or a stool for the dressing. They can also be used as a table to decorate flower vases or serving table in the living room.

6. Table as a kitchen trolley: By adding castors wheel to the table with storage, it can be used as kitchen trolley to keep everyday cutlery, dishes and other necessary items.They can also be used to keep table mats and rugs to provide an organised look to the dining area.

Tables are just not the simple piece of furniture that are used to decorate items and to enjoy the coffee or meal; they are the pieces whose presence affects the decor of the house. They are the furniture which adds a functional and beautiful look to the home. They can be used to display items, as a bar unit, as a kitchen trolley, as vanity furniture and much more. Tables are the piece of furniture which comes with different heights, size, styles and designs and can be placed anywhere in the house.

Doing an online shopping of tables for your home might sound easy, but before taking a decision on what needs to be added, you should check different tables available online in India because of all of them have different functions and characteristics. Choosing a wrong shape and size table can provide an ugly look to the interior and can also grant you with various problems like occupying more space, not matching with the interior and lots more. So research well before reaching to any decision of buying tables online.

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