Whether you are trying to lose weight, boost your immunity, suffer from a digestive disorder, have an anxiety problem, or you simply want to detox, there is an herbal tea preparation, which, can assist you with these issues.

Green Tea Mixture
Take weight loss for instance, recent research targeted a combination of green tea mixed with grape seed, spearmint and olive leaf at a group of laboratory rats. Despite the fact that these rats had been fed on a diet high in sugar, which had caused their stomachs to double in size over an eight week period, the herbal tea mixture had the effect of reducing their weight and blood pressure to normal levels over the same eight week time scale.

The researchers concluded therefore, that not only would this mixture help in the fight against fat, but that it worked successfully, because it stopped fat cells from distributing inflammatory chemicals which attract more fat, thus ensuring a return to normal weight.

Spiced Tea with Cardamon Aids Digestion
This herb is commonly included in mixed spice teas along with the cinnamon, fennel and cloves, which for hundreds of years have been used to aid digestion. The oils of these herbs have also been noted via research to contain pain relieving qualities and also act as relaxants to the lining of the gut while encouraging the production of the enzymes needed for the digestive processes.

In order to take advantage of the healing and soothing effects of this herbal tea mixture, it is recommended that the drink is consumed before a meal.

Chamomile for Calming
Chamomile tea contains a chemical agent called Apigenin which, when consumed, is able to bind itself to the pain receptors in the body’s nerve cells, thus it effectively sedates and calms the body. Recent research found that this tea induced deep sleep in about 80% of heart surgery patients, despite their pain and anxiety. Chamomile is especially suited to those who suffer from nervousness, anxiety and insomnia.

Echinacea Boosts Immunity
Within the last year researchers have published and confirmed that this herb does in fact lower the risk of getting a cold by as much as half. They also found that it is able to reduce the length of a cold by about 1.4 days. A further study of this herb in Canada advised that it actually kills off the microbes that cause colds and flu.

Most people take Echinacea in tablet form or tincture to combat infections, however, drinking the tea daily, will provide the immune system with a boost on a regular basis, thus reducing the chances of contracting a cold in the first place.

The Dandelion Detox
Dandelion tea provides a doubly effective detox as it is not only a powerful diuretic, eliminating toxins from the body via the kidneys but also encourages further elimination of toxins from within the body, through the stimulation of the liver, which then releases bile into the digestive tract.

In order to make an effective tea, you will need to have a mix of the leaves and the root. The leaves provide the diuretic effect and the root contains bitter molecules which activates the liver to produce bile. Dandelion can be used on its own or mixed with other herbal cleansers.

So the next time you find yourself unable to sleep or you suspect the onset of a cold or flu before popping a pill why not consider a nice cup of herbal tea, you may find it works wonders for you.

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