It's no secret that the Internet provides incredible marketing tools for businesses of all sizes and industries, but not many realize just how powerful a well designed mobile version of their website can be. The mobile web is quickly gaining popularity at a rate that most developers have trouble keeping up with. We, however, have an experienced team of app developers and designers that are always staying current on the latest trends in this new technological movement, and are prepared to develop a mobile version of your website that will provide just as many benefits as your existing one. You will no longer have to worry about the competition pulling ahead because YOU will be the one utilizing the latest technology for your company.

Developing a mobile version of a website starts with a detailed analysis of the existing site. We will need to transfer as much of the information as possible while also developing an understanding of its current look and feel. Then, we determine the best methods for converting our observations into a format that is compatible with the small screen of a portable device. This typically means larger text, reformatted links, and better contrasting colors. It may also mean the replacement of certain unnecessary features, including animations (which many mobile phones still cannot handle) and scripts. This will help increase the time it takes the mobile version of your website to load over a slower wireless connection. It will also allow your site to fit more of the important information needed by your visitors on a smaller screen. This usually results in the creation of three different mobile versions of your website to ensure full compatibility with the various portable devices available.

In order to remain effective, any mobile version of a website must also meet strict standards regarding search engine optimization. This is an important aspect for any website, as it determines how easy it will be for potential clients to find your site. Google offers a certification process for mobile sites, and our development process ensures that every website fully meets these standards. Your website will reach a top listing in Google along with a high rank in other search engines. Once users click on the link provided by the search engine, the correct version of your site for their device will automatically load. This allows the mobile version of your website to work for you in ways that a conventional site never could.

Author's Bio: 

David Halmore is the co-founder and PR Manager of Devyroom app development company, living and working in New York. IT-specialist in the past. He creates successful projects one by one. In spare time he teach various courses.