Do you know a Narcissist? Have you ever wondered if maybe the emotional abuse by someone you know or even love is driven by a Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Here is a simple Narcissism Test, a checklist of 12 behaviors that signal narcissism.

Take this test for your own information. Do not give this Narcissism Test to the person you suspect of being a narcissist. It will only antagonize him and give him yet another reason to put you down. When you take this test, you may even discover more about yourself--that you are a Codependent.

• In public they act charming and polite, pretending to be the perfect wife or husband. person with narcissistic personality disorder may pretend t, acting charming and polite. In private however they will be sarcastic, haughty and insulting.

• They put people down (including friends) behind their backs.

• They lack empathy, showing little or no regard for your well-being, feelings or personal rights.

• They will act superior as if they are more popular than you, or they will be jealous of other people’s accomplishments.

• They are often cold, arrogant, withdrawn and unavailable.

• You to feel rejected, hurt, humiliated, powerless, ashamed and angry by their criticism. Their lack of concern for your well-being may have lead you to develop psychological and psychosomatic health problems and addictions within your family.

• They act as though they should never be questioned and that they deserve things they have acquired by their bad behavior or abuse.

• They lie and manipulate to get people’s attention, perhaps acting a bit too good to be true.

• They can be very charming and even humble in public, fooling people so they won’t believe how verbally abusive they are in private or the cruel things they say behind people’s backs.

• They will lie and paint a picture of themselves as an innocent victim to try and gain sympathy and justify their own bad behavior (while honestly believing in their own lies as truth).

• Things don’t add up. People may be judging you based on lies the Narcissist is telling them about you behind your back.

• They act suspicious, aggressive or even hostile towards emotionally needy people.

Kim Cooper is the author of “Back from the Looking Glass” and “The Love Safety Net Workbook,” e-books about healing an abusive relationship. She and her husband Steve co-host The Love Safety Net talk radio show and website at

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