It is needless to say that the ability to communicate in another language makes aspirants get the first priority from employers, which is vital in today's fiercely competitive multinational companies and workplaces located in India and overseas.

The ability to speak a sought-after foreign language like German will aid aspirants land a lucrative job and get an edge over monolingual candidates. Competencies in German language boost employment prospects for job seekers amongst a group of other candidates. Pursuing a German language course in Kolkata would help career aspirants establish proficiency in the popular language with fluent speaking abilities and impeccable writing skills.

How learning German would help learners land a lucrative job ?

The world is getting transformed into a global village and the demand for professionals who can speak in German language is on a surge. Different sectors like aviation, travel tourism, hospitality rely on multilingual so apart from fluency in English, a sound command over German language is a boon. Here are some ways learning German language can help job seekers.

Provides competitive edge in interviews

The ability to communicate in German language will aid candidate's boost their job prospects and get preference over other monolingual candidates and they will be able convert the job interviews into appointments.

Get higher remuneration packages

Working professionals with advanced and profound knowledge in German language can command a higher salary from employers. A recruitment agency recently stated that learning a foreign language can bring an increment of 10-15% to the previous salary .

Experience career growth

Undertaking a German language course in Kolkata and becoming certified does not restrict aspirants in going overseas to conduct business. There are also opportunities to work in smaller companies overseas where the demand of German speakers and employees are huge.

Switching to better jobs also becomes easy with candidates knowing German language well. It paves the way to work as translators, language trainers, flight attendants , and tourist guides etc.

Build better relationships with clients

Knowing German can help professionals and entrepreneurs to elevate their corporate and business relationship with the German clients. This will result in better business result and create a positive impression among native clients. It will make the bilateral interaction and understanding better.

Find international exposure

Those with proficiency in German language can strengthen their CV and get global exposure. They will get lucrative jobs abroad where they can utilize their German language skills. Some of the jobs where candidates can put their oral and written skills into test are translators, trainers, customer care executives, content writers, proof reader/ editor, tourist guides etc. All these jobs come with attractive remuneration packages annually .

How to get started?

For those who are beginners, learning German can be a tricky task. It may take months or even years to master it. Without proper guidance and practice, it can appear to be even more daunting. However, enrolling in German language course in Kolkata at IITT Language Academy would help learners and language enthusiasts to get theoretical and practical lessons on grammar and vocabulary of the language and help beginners to start from scratch. By enrolling in the course, they will get high-quality study materials, tips, workshops, suggestions, and other interactive classroom activities. Aspirants can choose from courses at basic, diploma and advanced diploma level delivered in both face to face and online format. The online version of the course offers stimulating virtual learning experience with lessons delivered in audio and video format. The institute also provides courses in Korean, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Turkish, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Romanian, Afrikaans, Czech, Dutch, and others. Hurry, join it now for better career opportunities and job prospects.

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Laxmon Gope is the author of this article on German language course in Kolkata. He is a foreign language trainer and part-time online blogger and contributed to several informative posts on websites. Prior to this, he was a Spanish language lecturer at a reputed university in Bangalore.