Taking Stress Out On Spouse: My Husband Is Stressed And Takes It Out On Me

With the economy still going downhill, job security a thing of the past, and the financial future of most people looking uncertain, we need the strength and support of our spouses more than ever. Unfortunate, the same things that cause us to need one another the most can cause so much stress in our lives that it can have a negative impact on our marriage.

Although we'd like to think stress has no impact on our marriage, you can't insulate the people around you from the anxiety and tension you're feeling. No matter how much you want to protect them from bad news, you can't protect them from your stress. You may be more irritable, less intimate, more "closed off," less likely to joke around or be playful, and more likely to blame your spouse for problems in the household. These effects can be disastrous even for a happy marriage.

Some stress is good, of course. Stress can cause you to take action or prepare for the future. But with so many things going wrong all around us, it's hard to believe anyone is dealing with only the good stress. Most of us who are in a marriage are feeling overwhelmed by stress. Maybe right now you're thinking that your partner doesn't seem stressed.

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Share your stress with your spouse

Maybe that's because you're not talking about the stress each of you are feeling. In a happy marriage, no one wants the other person to worry. We all want to protect our loved ones as much as possible but hiding from reality is only going to make the situation and the marriage worse.

The worst part is you could not only save your marriage by talking about the stress you are experiencing but you could even reduce that stress. Most people feel better after just talking about what's causing their tension. And if you're in a marriage and working on resolving the cause of the stress together you're more likely to feel positive about the outcome. And that will reduce your stress and help you return to the happy marriage you had before the recession.

Of course trying to conquer your stress and improve communication during tough times in marriage isn't easy to do alone. The good news is you can find all of the information you need to turn things around and to save your marriage.

Hey we all go through life with our ups and downs with our loved one, just got to keep upskilling yourself, I am a father of five and married for sixteen years, challenges arise everyday, keep up with the faith and never give up.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure"

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It's a reality that couples today have their respective digital life. They have different kinds of electronic gadgets such as the mobile phone, smartphone, iPad, iPod and laptops to name a few. They use these devices many times every day even while spending their quality time as husband and wife.

Unfortunately, the frequent use of these gadgets has caused conflicts among married couples. A typical example is when in the middle of a private conversation, one spouse's mobile phone rings and he or she answers. What happens next is they don't know where to continue the conversation or worse, the other spouse gives a cold treatment. This situation often leads to conflicts particularly when the couple is in an intimate moment or talking about a sensitive or vital issue in their life.

Marriage therapists pointed out that it's not the mobile phone that should be blamed. Not even its use in the real world. Rather, it's how it is used and the timing that matters such as when one spouse allows the use of the gadget to interrupt an important conversation.

Counselors explained that oftentimes, people or specifically couples use their cell phones when they're a bit bored of the conversation or if they avoid a face to face discussion with their partner. Many are guilty of checking their phones every now and then to find out if they have a message or missed calls in the middle of a discussion. For some people, using the cell phone is one way of keeping to themselves their thoughts and even their emotions.

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What then should you do to improve your marriage? How do you control your use of your mobile phones and other electronic gadgets at home?

There are simple steps that you can do to have a happy and fulfilling relationship with your spouse. What counts is you commit to doing them consistently to ensure that you connect well with your partner and you develop that respect for each other during intimate moments.

Do you best not to use your cell phone during conversations as well as when you're eating with your family. Eating takes only a few minutes so savor the time with your loved ones and update each other of your daily activities.

Make sure that you use your mobile phone only when making calls and leave the phone at home when you engage in your daily walk or run. You'll be surprised of the peace and contentment you and your partner will enjoy without your gadget.

Keep in mind that while cell phones are very useful in your daily lives, they should not be used to distract you from a personal conversation with family members. The gadgets are definitely okay to be used for connecting and organizing your schedules as well as tasks but when you're at home, try to minimize its use to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Time flies so fast these days and spending family time should mean not having cell phones to distract you.

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You and your spouse have suddenly grown apart. You now realize that you cannot seem to talk without the exchange of shouts and foul language, leaving you both emotionally scarred. Your kids are also suffering because of the transformation you had as a couple - from a relatively happy and caring husband and wife, you have both become bitter and irritable. So you ask, is this the end of my marriage? Should we end it now in divorce? The answer is a big NO. So what could help us? The answer is marriage counselling online help.

Marriage counselling online help is a type of service given by different websites to prevent problematic couples from filing the necessary documents to get a divorce and regretting this decision in the end. This form of counselling helps couples to re-adjust their perception of one another and improves their working relationship as a couple. This in turn makes them closer and more responsive to the needs of one another, thus smoothing the once-rough relationship they had.

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Marriage counselling online also helps couples resume their once-loving treatment of one another by the use of tools and techniques that will re-shape how they perceive their spouses and remove whatever emotional scars and issues they have against their spouses. This allows both of them to express themselves in more constructive and up-building ways than what they used to say to one another. This will eventually make a more peaceful and considerate atmosphere between the couple and even inside their home.

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San Diego State University psychologist Linda C. Gallo, PhD, tracked the health and happiness of 493 women for 13 years. Using blood tests, Gallo found that women with the luck, skill, or emotional fortitude to have created highly satisfying marriages were simply in better health¹.

We've all heard the scientific evidence, confirmation of our assumptions, and out and out speculation about a connection between a happy marriage and good health.

Mortality rates, for example, are greatly affected by marital status. The mortality rate among single men under 34 is about 2½ times higher than that for young married men. Widowed and divorced men over 80 have a mortality rate one third higher than married men. Single, widowed and divorced older women all have higher mortality rates than their married peers.

One of the biggest factors in our food obsessed, overly sedentary culture is, of course obesity. The prevalence of obesity in America doubled from 15 percent in 1980 to 27 percent in 1999. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 30% of children and two-thirds of adult Americans are overweight, no thanks to poor diet and lack of exercise. Nearly 2 in 3 Americans is overweight, and more than 50% of those are considered obese. This doesn't just have an impact on the health care budget, even though obesity costs us nearly $117 Billion dollars per annum. It also costs us in one of the prevalent outcomes of overweight: divorce. Ask any married couple this question, "would you marry your spouse again if you knew they'd be overweight?". If they're honest they'll say no. Too much body mass causes all manner of health and other problems, not to mention it's just unattractive.

No news there. But let's turn that around for once; is the opposite equally true? Do people who take care of themselves find that their marriages are happier as a result? And is this a self-fulfilling prophecy? Does taking care of ourselves lead to better health, which leads to a happier, more satisfied mate? It would seem so intuitively. It could be that we have it exactly backward; it could be that people who find themselves in a satisfying marriage automatically watch their weight, don't smoke, drink in moderation, buckle up and in general take fewer chances with their physical well being. This could be an unconscious reaction to knowing someone loves us enough to expect nothing less.

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Expectations in marriage mean a lot. In my own relationship, for example, it would be an impossibility that one of us would take up smoking. My mate would assume I'd gone 'round the bend; seeing her with a cigarette, I would assume the same. Neither of us drinks very much. We'd no more drive without buckling up than walk into traffic blindfolded. We exercise daily, either walking, biking in the neighborhood, or at a nearby public park. We have an almost daily drill where we compete with each other to do as many sit-ups as we can (she always wins). Our diet is healthier, and, counterintuitively, more satisfying than ever.

Recently, we acquired a copy of a cookbook/earth greening manifesto titled Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating², which contains all manner of recipes, food and agricultural information, planetary impact data and health related observations about what we buy at the grocery, cook in our kitchens, and put in our mouths. Food Matters is now our only cookbook. Hint: we keep beans in the pantry at all times, and, yes, Beano®, too. We just feel it's important to stay slim, healthy, attractive and attentive for each other.

The current health care controversy may revolve around a hidden factor here, that those who initially care enough about their own health gravitate to others like themselves, and overall, impact the health care system less than those who abuse their bodies. Anecdotally, those people are likely involved in unsatisfying marital relationships.

Speaking of expectations, marital bliss doesn't necessarily mean sexual satisfaction, but the two are pretty closely aligned. Here are the stats: According to the American Urological Association, overweight men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than slimmer correspondents³. Considering how most men feel about sex and their partners, this is likely a reason to stay slim, or slim down after the middle age spread has begun. Research suggests that Americans do in fact gain about ten pounds per decade on average, and we're living longer, so do the math. Most divorces in America, too, have as a factor the loss of sexual attraction in men and women. The bottom line is that to enjoy sex longer, and to keep our mates happy regardless, we need to take better care of ourselves. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

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Regular exercise: How many times have we heard that? Set a timer. Every thirty minutes leave the computer, get on the floor, and do as many sit-ups as you can without strain. In no time you'll be proud to say you can do 100 sit ups per day, and your tummy will thank you. Your mate will, too. Take a walk after work. Don't eat dinner till you've exercised at least fifteen minutes. Hold hands while walking; it will increase the enjoyment, and it embarrasses your kids, a good thing.

Eat less, and eat better. The story about beans? It's true; they're the best thing we can eat, full of nutrients, high in protein, low fat, low carb, satisfying, and good if fixed imaginatively, which isn't hard. (See notation #2). Also, why do we keep eating till every scrap and morsel is gone? Is that mom's admonition to clean our plates? The cure for this is ridiculously simple: when you're no longer hungry, stop. The grocery bill will decline, too.

Stop with the snacking & grazing. Research suggests that several smaller meals throughout the day is better for us than the standard three squares. A lot of our food habits, indeed a lot of our weight gain problem is pure habit: We're surrounded by food; we eat by time instead of hunger; we finish everything rather than 'waste' it, which is an interesting choice of words when you think about it. By eating after we're no longer hungry we're effectively 'wasting' food.

Don't nag your mate about their weight. Tough not to, but the habit of mentioning weight gain and unhealthy eating habits creates a spiral toward even more of the same. If weight gain is becoming an issue, look at other factors in the relationship first. Praise is always a slimming agent.

Finally, consider that your mate really does love you enough to want you to stick around a long time. Sure, you're their beneficiary, but that doesn't mean they want to cash in on you right away. Attributed to various sources, the following quote is appropriate. "The idea is to die young as late as possible." For good marital satisfaction, this means taking care of our health, and being considerate enough of our mates to do that for a lifetime.

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