One of the important things that you can do for your child is to help him to be independent problem solver. If you teach him problem-solving skill, he will be able to solve his own problems. Teaching problem-solving skill can be done with playing some of the following games. Take a look.

“Find it” game

If you want to perform this exercise, you will need various objects that you can hide around your home. You can use different items such as small toys, buttons, coins etc. Also, you can make your own items using paper. Just don’t hide items which are breakable or valuable. Depending on your child’s age, you can write or draw the clues that lead to solving the problem. When you are done with this, give the player a list with the clues that will lead him to finding the hidden objects. Also, you must set a time period needed for finding the objects. Finally, ask your child to start with problem-solving.

“Sneak and peak” game

For this game you will need a couple of sets of children’s building blocks. Then, you will need to create a certain construction using the blocks or other building material (don’t forget to provide the child the same building material needed to duplicate your construction). After you have created the construction, try to place it in another room. Ask your child to come in the room and see the construction for 5 minutes. Let him observe the construction. After the time period runs out, ask your child to build the same construction. The game should be continued in the same routine until the player successfully duplicates the original construction. I must add that you can make modification of the game and the time needed for playing the game, according to your child’s age.

“Hidden object” video games

If you don’t have time or lack a will to build homemade games, you can find hidden object games online. These games are new type of puzzle that has become really popular. In the game you’ll be required to find the missing objects. If you succeed to find all the objects or the most of them, you will move to the next level. The beauty of these games is that they require problem-solving through interesting stories. So, consider finding a theme that will be interesting for your little one. For an example, you can find a game where your child plays the role of a detective. In that role, he has to pay attention on every little detail and to collect evidences in order to solve the mystery.

Choose the game that fits best to your child’s age and interest. Don’t forget to spend some quality time together with your child, simply talking about his way of solving the problems. Don’t judge. Just talk about how well he has accomplished the task.

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