Kyle Plush, 16, died while trapped in the back of a Honda minivan. One of the back seats has a feature where it can flip back and forth to provide either more seating or more storage space. While Kyle was attempting to retrieve something stored in the back of the Honda, the seat folded, rendering Kyle trapped, causing suffocation.

During the time Kyle was immobilized by the Honda’s backseat, he dialed 911 twice. The first call to 911 was when Kyle made the extremely difficult decision to tell the operator to tell his mother that he loved her. A very hard and brave thing for a 16 year old to realize.

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Kyle Plush told the operator that he was trapped in his high school’s parking lot. The high school, Seven Hills School, is known to have multiple parking lots, at least five. According to reports, the two officers spent 11 minutes searching five separate parking lots for any kind of emergency. That’s about 2 minutes in each parking lot. It is doubtful the two officers were able to efficiently and accurately check five parking lots in 11 minutes, which is why, even a week later, there are still questions and concerns regarding Kyle Plush’s death.

Tragedies like this are hard to digest, especially when it could have been avoided if the right actions were taken. Unfortunately, for Kyle, the right actions did not happen and now his friends and family are grieving for their loss. Sometimes it is not always clear who can be held liable. That’s why our lawyers at Schachter, Hendy & Johnson have dedicated decades to helping clients dealing with accidents like this one.

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