Young people or teens are prone to anxiety due to pressures at school. Teens suffering from anxiety are those who are dealing with stress during exams, school activities, pressure from peers and dating or relationship problems. About 13 for every 100 children and teens experience some form of anxiety problems.

It is natural to get anxious on real life situations but if the excessive worries have no real cause and this intense fear prevents sufferers from functioning normally on everyday life, it is already a disorder. Teens suffering from anxiety disorder must be treated as soon as possible because it can lead to other problems if not treated early. Anxiety disorder can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, depression, low self-esteem, impaired relationship with peers, chronic absences and worse he or she may not finish school. Teens suffering from anxiety disorder may carry this disorder until adulthood if not treated early.

Common symptoms of teens suffering from anxiety disorders are episodes of unreasonable intense fear accompanied by chest pain, pounding heartbeat, trembling, sweating, nausea and feeling of going crazy. The unrealistic worries about everyday school situations can prevent teens from functioning normally with their everyday life.

Anxiety disorder is the most common mental disorder during childhood and adolescence but the good news is that it is a treatable disorder. If parents noticed the presence of the above mentioned symptoms, it is best to talk with your child´s health care provider to get the proper diagnosis. A mental health professional trained to handle teens suffering from anxiety can give the proper diagnosis.

It is also very helpful for parents to research from libraries, read books, news and other sources to acquire more facts about teens suffering from anxiety disorder. Talk to other parents or find a family organization that can help you deal with this kind of situation.

Parents should seek treatments to help their child cope with his or her disorder. Children and teens can benefit from a variety of treatments like CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques and medication. And most of all make him or her feel loved, let them know that they are not alone and you are willing to help him or her conquer anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder is not a life threatening condition and it is treatable. Alternative treatments for anxiety problems are also another option to stop anxiety disorder for good.

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