Impotence can be caused by a varying number of factors. To understand what causes erectile dysfunction, we must divide these factors into three major categories. There are lifestyle, psychological factors and physiological factors. Some of these causes do not fall under any category neatly because one set of factors may trigger another.

Psychological factors

The main psychological factors that cause ED Dallas are depression and stress. These may be triggered by marital problems or problems at work or at home. One psychological problem that tends to cause erectly dysfunction is performance anxiety. Even someone who has been married for sometime can experience anxiety when going through certain marital challenges. Anxiety may come about when the person in question starts feeling that his marriage is not moving in the right direction.

Cardiovascular Diseases and Other Causes

Another major cause reported to ED Dallas doctors, is the physiological causes that lead to hardening and narrowing of arteries. This is often caused by diseases such as diabetes. According to studies, diabetes is the single main cardiovascular disease that leads to erectile dysfunction. Other diseases may include heart problems, spinal injuries etc.

Most diseases will make the arteries harden or narrow over some period of time. When this happens the arteries cannot transport to the penis efficiently enough to lead to an erection. The process has to happen quickly and in a seamless fashion from the moment a man is aroused to the point where he gets the erection. According to experts, undetected diabetes can lead to ED, which is a good reason to visit an ED Dallas doctor, before it is too late.

Effects of Our Lifestyle

A man’s lifestyle can lead to impotence. Heavy drinking, smoking and lack of exercise are the most common cause of impotence in men. Smoking is very likely to cause erectile dysfunction to current and former smokers. Smokers who smoke 20 or more cigarettes are 60% likely to develop sexual problems that lead to impotence.

Smoking will harden the arteries and lead to other cardiovascular diseases. Small amounts of alcohol, about a glass or two a day will not cause erectile dysfunction. However, heavy drinking is one of the leading causes of impotence.

Obesity is also likely to lead to impotence in a number of ways. An obese person tends to have a high amount of lipids in the blood. The lipids will cause the blood to be thicker and this will cause it to move slowly around the body. Staying fit also helps to increase the level of testosterone which will boost the bodies overall sexual function.

An ED Dallas doctor will diagnose the problem by checking all these possibilities by asking questions and through a physical examination. Visiting the doctor is the best step to take so that you can identify underlying problems like Diabetes.

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