Anyone who is aware of the feeling that one receives after smoking a joint would agree that there is nothing better than rolling a customised cigarette with the required ingredients. When it involves fresh herbs, the taste is incomparable especially when putting a ready-made cigarette next to it. For those who are seasoned at rolling up cigarettes, they are known to do it with perfection every time they do it. With the right rolling aid, paper and finely ground herbs, it often seems like a cakewalk.

When it comes to choosing the right rolling paper, it is essential to choose something that would last longer and not any refined paper that would finish off at the soonest. For several, thick rolling papers fit the bill as it takes time to burn while allowing a longer smoke than usual. When spoken to experts at on advice on choosing rolling papers, here is what they had to say.

Make use of hemp paper

Hemp is often the extract from a Cannabis plant and its use dates back to centuries which was later replaced by wood pulp. The texture of hemp is known to be rough while is known to help retain the ingredients. It is a type of rolling paper that is free from harmful chemicals or probably plastic lining that cigarette paper made from wood pulp contain. It is easy to roll and is known to burn slowly while allowing you to enjoy your favourite smoke for a longer time.

Add flavours to the paper

Even though smokers like to concentrate on the authentic taste of the herb that they infuse in their joints, there are times when you can bring about a change in the way you smoke. Adding flavours through flavoured rolling papers is likely to bring about a fresh taste. It adds freshness to get rid of the smell that is often emitted from the smoke. Depending on your choice of the flavours you get to make a pick.

Look out for pre-rolled papers

There are numerous dealers for rolling papers in China out there who know the problems a few smokers face when they cannot roll cigarettes all by themselves and opt for the ready-made ones. To save them from such grief, there is the availability of such pre-rolled paper that simply needs filling with the ingredients of your choice and smoking them as and when you need to. These can be taken along wherever you want without having to fear the risk of spillage.

Pick large rolling papers

There are several who cry over their cigarette finishing off after a few puffs and often light up another one almost immediately. While you pick a large cigarette rolling paper, you tend to enjoy your smoke a little more and relish it in a better way. It not just gives you a long lasting smoke but also aids in helping you to roll the joint easily without having to allow the ingredients to spill due to its short length and breadth. Quite often, these papers have a layer of gum at the sealing end which makes it easy for you to seal it without having to look out for sealants.

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The author Ron Spencer has had experiences with purchasing rolling papers in China and has relevant information on rolling papers for customised smokes.