What is brand messaging?

Brand messaging is the art of using the proper words to speak the essence of your brand to potential customers.
In a perfect world, you'll sit with all potential customers over coffee and explain why they ought to do business with you. But actually your customers only have a split-second together with your ad or website to form a gut decision about whether you’re worth their money. Your products and services might represent themselves, but clear, strong messaging may be a surefire thanks to getting them into the hands (and minds) of your customers.

Your brand strategy will determine exactly what you would like to communicate—whether it’s your low prices or your fashionable brand identity—but here are two essential places to start out.

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The 5 components of brand name messaging

1. Mission
Your mission statement may be a short sentence or two that answers the “why” of your business. In other words, why does one do what you do?
Craft your mission statement by filling during this blank: We exist to a replica. Brainstorm several iterations of this statement so you'll find one that completely captures the guts of your business and why you think within the work you are doing. Confirm to stay with the why. We’ll get the who, what and the way later.
To give you a concrete example, take a glance at our official mission statement: We champion creativity to bring opportunities to people around the world.
We carefully selected every word to evoke specific elements of our brand. for instance, “creativity” points to our priorities of art, design, and imagination. “Opportunities” directly reflect our goal of connecting freelance designers and clients. “Around the world” highlights our international community and our love of diversity.
2. Vision statement
Your vision statement may be a forward-looking, imaginative statement that sets a future goal of what you would like to ascertain happen within the world due to the work your company does. In other words, where is your company going?
Create your vision statement by filling during this blank: Our Company is going to be _______. Again, brainstorm many ideas before you select one that has all of the proper pieces.
Let’s take a glance at our official vision statement: To be the foremost trusted global creative platform for professional designers to seek out and work online.
Our vision directs where our company is headed and helps us focus all of our brand messaging on a transparent goal for the longer term.

3. Values
Your values are the guideposts that determine how you are doing business. If your vision is that the ultimate destination, then your values are the map that guides your company’s journey into the longer term.
Identify your values by filling during this blank: We believe ______. Write as many down as you'll then edit this right down to a shorter list that only relates your core business and mission.

Here are our values:
• We believe putting people first.
• We believe design has no borders.
• We believe people helping people create their own success.
• We believe the journey should be fun.
• Simplified further, our values of individuals, diversity, helping, and fun guide the work we do a day and form the idea of our messaging.

4. Positioning statement
If your mission hits the why you’re positioning statement hits the what, who and the way of your business. This statement is incredibly vital to the health and success of your brand, primarily because an outsized number of individuals will see it.

5. Differentiators
Your differentiators are the items that set your brand aside from your competitors. Your brand strategy and business model will help determine these, but your brand messaging must convey them to your customers.
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