Many people suffer from Pain…from their head to their toes and all the different areas in between!! Pain can cause you to feel constant discomfort and can make life very miserable affecting your sleep, your work, and every other aspect of your life.

Many come for kinesiology treatments suffering from pain e.g in their head, neck or shoulders..from some injury or hurt they may have suffered..

Pam came to me in anguish ..totally fed-up with the pain in her knee, it was keeping her awake at night and stopping her from living her life the way she wanted..she could no longer go walking with her friend..the only solution was to have an operation, which she did not want if at all possible. Her friend recommended she come see me..after the first treatment..Pam’s pain REDUCED by 95%, I was so thrilled to hear she was doing so well…What was the cause you ask?

Pam like so many others simply had high levels of inflammation chemicals in her body. When we get hurt, have a wound, suffer brushing or crushing..we have the inner ability to heal and repair. The body does this through a series of messages and bio chemical transmitters and inflammation chemicals. These chemicals like serotonin, leukotrienes etc are all kept in balance by the body through different nutrition e.g B vitamins and many others.

Stress, age, trauma, shock, food intolerances, medication and so on can rapidly deplete the body of the nutrition it needs to keep these naturally occurring inflammation chemicals at the correct level. When they go out of sync they will cause varying levels of mild to severe ongoing pain. The pain will occur at the weakest point in the body. For Pam this was her knee. There was actually nothing wrong with her knee, it was simply where the inflammation targeted. For you that could be your arm, your neck, your lower back.

Pain killers are not the answer…these only treat the symptoms(sometimes) other times they have little or no bearing at all on the pain levels. Long-term they burden the body and overload the liver as it has to constantly work at reducing the toxin levels in the body.

When it has to do this at an overactive rate, you become tired, cranky, may experience difficulty sleeping, increasingly you will feel tired and exhausted all of the time, which in turn affects your motivation, your desire to get up and go and your social life suffers and the ability and will to exercise decreases. This in turn leads onto many other health implications. Kinesiology can get to the root of your pain, stop suffering today.

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