It is amusing to realize how mobile apps have changed the course of our lives in the past few years. A decade ago, it was hard to imagine using a cell phone to count your calories, summon on-demand rides, make payments from the comforts of your home, or stream music for free. Today, Apple’s marketing mantra “there’s an app for that” has actually become a way of life for many. Considering the way we communicate, socialize and interact with people is more or less channeled through a myriad of smartphone apps. The app-driven life has certainly kicked the smartphone revolution in the high gear.

According to a study, globally people have adopted tablets and smartphones 10 times faster than PCs in the 1980s. Huffington Post reports many young people spend about one-third of their waking lives on mobile phones, while most of us use our cell phones twice as much as we think we do. But in the rush of things, we might have overlooked the massive impact of mobile apps on human behavior during our daily lives. It might have piqued your curiosity, so we decided to discuss the idea in detail. Here we will share how apps are actually changing our lives for good.

Strengthening Marriages

When the passion goes out of a relationship, married couples often lose the spark that ignites love between them. Whether it is due to excessive responsibilities you feel, increasing encumbrance in your life or the sense of aging. It certainly gets you in the state of isolation which leads to a bunch of diseases. Studies have revealed that nearly 60% of marriages fail miserably because of the inability of the people to know their partner; their ideas, interests, dreams, preferences, etc.

This is one of the important parts of your marriage. That’s why using a WhatsApp spying app is not a bad idea. It can gravely help you strengthen your relationship. With such apps, you can spy WhatsApp chat of your better half without him or her knowing. View their IM chats, text messages, social media updates, favorite locations, food, friends, call logs, etc. to get more information about your life partner. Once you get to know the likes and dislikes of your better half, you can become the person your partner truly likes or wants you to be. Once you spy WhatsApp chat of your spouse, it will not only re-ignite that spark in your marriage, but will also bring a sense of stability in your relationship.

In case, you are on the lookout for a reliable spy app, try XNSPY which is one of the top smartphone spy applications as mentioned by Top Ten Reviews. Whether you are looking to monitor your partner’s movement, access their call logs, social accounts, chats or messages, such app could be your way forward.

Helping Parents and Kids With Homework

We are living in an age, where you might not have an app to help children carry their bags, but there are applications that aid parents and kids keep up with homework assignments. In fact, you can even find apps that lend a hand when your kid needs assistance with complex math formulas long forgotten by parents. Already, many parents are leveraging the power of mobile apps to help their young ones in their homework. Not only these apps provide assistance but also help parents resolve tricky problems and equations thrown at them.

Such apps have helped parents grasp the concept of digital knowledge base. Once they manage to perceive the significance of the concept, parents can coach their children more effectively. At the same time, these applications are aiding children in making them to do their coursework diligently by maintaining pace with their class. These apps are also creating curiosity among children, which makes them more attentive in the classroom. The PhotoMath is one such app that helps you resolve that tricky algebra equation or algorithm simply by taking a snap of it.

Bringing Healthcare to Your Fingertips

Forget counting calories or monitoring your heart rate during a rigorous training. Modern day healthcare apps have completely transfigured the patient-provider relationship. The leading tech giant Apple Inc. demonstrated in 2015 how the Air Strip application can change doctors and patients interaction. With this app, physicians can monitor patients with chronic illness like diabetes and heart disease without them ever making a trip to the hospital. A number of healthcare apps have already hit the application marketplace and all are aimed at abridging symptom monitoring and management.

The HIPAA-compliant application CaptureProof allows patients to virtually “show and tell” their symptoms to the clinicians. All they have to do is take a picture of symptom and send it to their physician who will then monitor the progress without arranging any unnecessary follow-up appointments. In the same way, busy parents can use Fever Scout app to continuously monitor temperature during the night. In case, the temperature surpasses a pre-determined level it’ll gently wake them up.

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