Anyone in the medical profession can attest to working long hours and being on tight schedules in the course of their career. Despite this, the medical profession has its perks.

If medicine is a career you want to explore, it is wise to gain as much information as possible. One of the best ways to achieve that is by being a medical scribe.

In a nutshell, medical scribes are personal assistants to medical practitioners. They will document all information medical practitioners get during patient encounters. Such information includes the health status of the patient, medical background, family history, weight, and all other medical data.

If you have an undying itch for a career in medicine, enrolling in a medical scribe program is one of the wisest ideas you can make for your career. As earlier stated, it has its benefits.

So, what is the beauty of being a medical scribe?

  • It is an opportunity to learn.

A majority of people who join medical scribe programs are pre-med students.Here, they get to learn various medical terms before practicing. It offers students an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the clinical environment. It is that kind of exposure that spearheads their career.

It is during the program that scribes learn symptoms of various diseases. They also get a clear understanding of the necessary procedures to take when patients show various signs of illness. By working in close contact with other medical practitioners, they will be able to anticipate the likelihood of certain conditions, as well as, come up with a diagnosis.

  • Encourages patient interaction

You may be amazed at how many medical graduates have a hard time dealing with patients in the initial weeks after securing a job.

Medical scribes gain first-hand experience at how to handle patients. They spend the better part of their days witnessing how doctors and other medical practitioners treat, handle, and engage with patients.

In the course of the program, scribes learn how to talk to patients better, comfort them, and even deliver bad news. They get to see how experienced medics maneuver their way to gain insight into the patient’s condition. Also, they learn how to build trust with their patients. From there, they can use these strategies to handle patients later on when they are in practice. 

  • It is a mentorship program.

Apart from gaining a vast knowledge of the intricacies of the medical profession, it is also a mentorship program.

Mentorship programs are important in every career, more so in medicine. When a scribe is assigned to a medical practitioner, they are offered guidance. The medical provider is likely to share the challenges they have faced in the course of their career, allowing the scribe to gain invaluable insight into the medical practice.

Additionally, their mentor may share with them strategies that will help them advance their careers.

As a medical scribe, there is only so much to learn. Apart from the above-mentioned factors, medical scribe programs allow pre-med students to learn how to work as a team, among other things. What other way to shape your career as a medic earlier on in life than by enrolling in a medical scribe program?

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.