Many experts believe that aerobic exercise is not the right way to go about losing weight and keeping it off. There is evidence that people achieve short-term results including weight loss, increased motivation, and better overall health if they participate on aerobic exercise, though.

There are doctors who believe that diet is the best method of weight loss, while others believe more strongly in aerobic exercise. We all need to figure out what works best for us and what we are willing to do to achieve our weight loss goal.

If you are just starting out on a weight loss journey, going on a diet can help you change the way you eat for the better. However, with weight loss through aerobic exercise, you will be motivated to eat better as well and you will be physically active, which will help you avoid gaining the weight back.

There are many effective and safe weight loss methods out there but there are also many that can actually cause health problems. Aerobic exercise, on the other hand, is something that is always safe and that helps you not only get rid of your excess weight but increase the overall health of your lungs and heart by bringing more oxygen into your body.

How do you go about getting the best results when it comes to aerobic exercise for weight loss? For some people, things like engaging in emotional eating and inability to participate in aerobic exercise regularly make weight loss very difficult. Emotional eating and lack of interest in losing weight can be caused by feeling angry, depressed, and anxious. We may cope with these emotions by overeating and lacking energy to participate in exercise. If people can learn to keep their emotional eating under control and deal with emotions in a healthy way, it will be easier for them to lose weight.

The following suggestions can help you cope with emotional eating and a lack of interest in your weight loss goals:

1. Figure out what emotions you are feeling before you eat. That way, you can recognize if you are eating just so you can suppress your feelings or feel better about things. You need to eat to fill a hunger; if you are eating for any other reason, you can expect to gain weight.

2. Always monitor how you are feeling emotionally throughout the day. That way you will be able to figure out what triggers your emotional eating and lack of interest in aerobic exercise. You can then learn to overcome the urges to eat and find your motivation for exercise again.

3. Find activities you enjoy that you can do to keep you active and keep you from overeating. If you are busy, then you will be less likely to overeat.

4. Participate in simple aerobic exercises like going for a walk or a jog every day. This type of physical exercise burns calories so you lose weight faster and keep it off.

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