Sliding on the waves of the sea, standing on a board, is a wonderful activity that not only makes you feel good about yourself but also offers a series of physical and mental benefits for your health.

Mental benefits:

A good palliative against stress: surfing is done thanks to the strength of nature since wind and waves are key factors in this practice. These elements are essential to release stress and discharge adrenaline.

Concentration: this sport encourages concentration because you have to be very aware of what happens around you, constantly changing, to decide what movements to perform.

Personal relationship: take the opportunity that this sport offers you to establish personal relationships with other people of your own interest.
Physical benefits:

Cardiorespiratory system: the fact that you row against the waves causes your cardiorespiratory capabilities to increase.

Musculature: you strengthen your muscles, especially the middle part of the body because there are most of the muscles that you use most while balancing to keep standing on the board. But of course also your arms and back will be reinforced while you paddle.

Coordination: while doing this activity you have to make very well coordinated movements so you will encourage the coordination of your movements.

Balance: You will also work your balance which will improve a lot due to the constant balance exercises that you have to do to stay on the board.

Less injuries: Being a sport that is performed on water, the risk of injury is lower.

This sport is highly recommended also for people with mental or intellectual disabilities (hyperactivity, autism, Down syndrome to name a few) due to the combination of the practice of this activity in nature with the ability of it to learn to wait and enter In the waves, what is good to relieve stress and the need to develop balance and coordination. Source Surfwater

Of course surfing requires a prior learning since you have to have some skills that you should know, which are going to get safely in practice and you will provide much welfare.

Can you think of any other benefit? Thank you very much for your comments and for sharing!

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