If you are one of those of people who tend to sleep hot, then you probably have grown tired of waking up in the morning doused in sweat to find your pillow soaked through. More than likely the moment cooling pillows or cooling gel pillows were introduced into the market you raced out to get one in order to get a more comfortable and drier night's sleep.

For those who have not yet tried a cooling pillow they may find themselves wondering whether cooling pillows and cool get pillows work? The answer to that question is that yes, most cooling pillows do work because they have have the major two features needed to help keep you cool when sleeping when sleeping. A moisture wicking cover and good air flow.

Here is why these two features are so important.

A Moisture Wicking Cover
Even in temperatures low enough to make most people shiver, some people just tend to sleep hot and when they do they sweat. Having a pillow will a moisture wicking cover, draws the sweat away from you and in absorbed into the pillows cover and when you are drier you sleep more comfortably and feel cooler. When you have a moisture wicking cover combined with a pillow that has good air flow then your comfort is increased.

Air Flow
Air flow is the ability of air to flow from one end of your pillow to the other and from the top to the bottoms. Some cooling pillows are made from shredded foam or other materials that easily allow air to flow through the pillow providing more cooling than those pillows made from solid dense foam, or materials that tend to absorb your body's heat and hold it. Dense filled pillows tend to make a hot sleeper get hotter the longer they sleep because there is no air flow to cool off the stuffing inside the pillow. Materials such as memory foam tend to hold in your body's heat so that unless some special cooling feature is added to these pillows you will always sleep hot.

Luckily, more and more memory foam pillow manufactures are adding these special features into their pillows these days. Some of these features include:

Mesh Panels- Mesh panels are placed inside the memory foam to allow air to circulate or flow more freely throughout the material allowing the pillow to release that body heat that it has accumulated while you were sleeping. The improved ventilation helps reduce the amount of heat that memory foam pillows hold so that you can sleep cooler.

Copper Infusions- Sometimes copper is infused into the filling or the cover of a pillow. While these fillings to make your pillow cooler to the touch, they do draw heat away from your body leaving you feeling cooler. Sometimes graphite is used instead or in combination with copper and also draws heat away from the body.

Water Chambers- Water chambers are built into the pillow and these chambers tends to draw heat away from your body and move heat away from the pillows surface.

Gel Pads or Beads- Made from the same materials as those ice pads or coolers that keep your drinks cool gel pads or beads placed into your pillow filling or just under the cover will not only draw heat away from your body they will actually make your pillow feel cooler to the touch. Of all the special cooling features added to pillows gel pads are thought to work the best, so lets cover them in a little more depth.

How are Gel Pillows Made
A cool gel pillow is simply any pillow made that either contains a gel layer or gel beads throughout the pillow. Gel is often used in memory foam pillows because these pillows tend to retain your body heat and the gel can help dissipate your body's heat so that it isn't retained by the foam.

Cool gel pillows may have layers of gel inside of the pillow filling or may have gel beads swirled throughout the entire filling. One method doesn't appear to work any better than the other as long as there are enough gel beads to actually draw the heat away from your body.

Gel foam works best with it is combined with a moisture wicking cover that has good ventilation, because the two of them combined works to provide you with a much cooler night's sleep.

Study's have shown that when you sleep better and get more rest, you tend to be more alert during the day, have a more positive outlook on life, and actually look forward to going to sleep at night.

So yes, cooling pillows do work, and while some work better than others, cool gel pillows seem to have all the right features to allow you to get a more restful and cooler night's sleep.

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