This Friday is not just any Friday, because in full confinement came the day of the lifting of the Valorant veto, being able to know first-hand each and every one of the details of the new Riot Games shooter. And what better way to get started than to understand the usefulness of all weapons and how to use them to gain a greater advantage against the rival. And if you want to boost your rank, here you can get the best way for Valorant Boosting.

And it is that while we try to get hold of some of the Twitch drops that allows us to test that closed beta, we have to study to reach our debut with a broad knowledge of the game. And if you have to talk about weapons, better listen to the extensive analysis of friend Fesbak. Tips that seem basic but will help us to know how to buy better, and get closer to victory in each round.

Starting from the beginning, for the first rounds we are faced with two possible queens such as the Shorty shotgun, whose cheap cost would allow us to equip ourselves with a shield that makes it easier for us to play at short distances. And although the usefulness of the Classic Pistol is quite great, especially with its triple shot, the Frenzy Pistol is another ideal tool for the first rounds, capable of causing enormous damage by being very, very fast.

Beyond handguns, our playstyle will mark which weapons are better in Valorant. Although it is convenient and much not to underestimate the cheaper ones such as the Bulldog rifle, as well used they are capable of causing damage as they have interesting utilities, such as not losing damage with distance in the aforementioned case.

As important as the tip is, do not underestimate the aim. It is true that in many weapons such as submachine guns, the zoom is not any improvement and in fact we do not notice any difference. However, by doing so we will change its shooting mode to shorter bursts, but much more precise, and with which we will be able to make differences. Something that also seems essential in many situations in rifles.

And if your strength is not AIM, in Valorant, as in all shooter, you should be careful with rifles. They are always very appetizing, and capable of killing even without the need for a headshot, but missing the shot will leave us completely sold on the rival.

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