What does a common man understand by ‘competition’

Competition for the common businessman is understood as wanting to outdo another business. Wrong!

My philosophy is clear, I don’t believe that we can gain our psychological power by either leaning on others or trying to outdo others and gain power over them. I have always been one for the level, a level of equality, equality of respect, equality of rights, and cordial look between man and man.

Many people are accustomed to saying that competition is a bad thing; this statement may be rooted in their ulterior inferiority complex or their lack of knowledge of what constitutes a good competitive mind. It is very hard to convince a common businessman that competition is good for you.

Often time, the existing factors of competition increases the market for all involved in the competing act. For example, in America, communication services, learning or educational centres complement each other, and none of them gets badly affected as is believed by the common businessman.

Nearby service providers, communication services, law firms, learning centres and personal service benefit from added traffic and, often, higher sales than before. This perceived ‘competitor’ may complement your service and add value. Rise above the common belief instead of taking ‘received opinion’ that is quite often mis-interpreted by the common and uneducated person.

The so-called competitors that occupy spots on your value chain often understand your business and customers well enough to become contributors as opposed to the stigma attached to the negative connotation of the’ competitor’

Competition is simply the increase of intelligence in the market place, competencies is not a product but a mindset and skills of your employees that will determine your success or failure.

Instead of feeling bad about someone talking about competition, why not, invite that competitor to add competencies to your business by helping them set up their business in a way that will increase traffic to your existing business, and re-enforce your good reputation.

Until we meet again, may you remain blessed and a blessing to mankind

Author's Bio: 

Andre Zizi is the founder of ZiziWorld success coaching and Director. He is a philosopher, teacher, writer, NLP facilitator, success coach, and a visionary.