Most people have heard catchy phrases like these, “What you visualize, you realize. What happens in your mind, will happen in time. What your mind can conceive, you can achieve. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

So why is it then, that many people find themselves setting goals, dreaming about those goals, but then falling short to achieve them? I, too, have been guilty of such a fate. Many times I have listened to a podcast, or watched a webinar, or attended a conference, got all excited with some new goals that I want to achieve, but then the motivation seemed to fizzle out before I achieved the goal. Then I would watch a movie or read a book, get reminded of my goals, get all excited again, and then once again the goal would just fizzle away before I achieved it.

I started to ponder, “Why?” “ What was missing?” Then my friend Tyler introduced me to what he calls, “The Cycle of Significance.” Tyler explained to me that if I want achieve my goals and dreams, then I should consider a system then empowers me to get beyond the “dream phase.” His system, The Cycle of Significance, consists of four steps: input, feelings, actions, and results. You see every time we come into contact with resources such as podcasts, webinars, conferences, books, movies etc., input is released into our brains. This input causes vision. Vision then creates a feeling. These feelings cause us to dream and visualize goals. The breakdown in the cycle occurs when we stop short there. When we just allow input in to create feelings without attaching any action steps. If there is no intentional action to go with the input and the feelings, then no change occurs. The new goal just fizzles away.

In order to break the repeating pattern of “fizzle,” once needs to come up with specific steps of action and also a timeline to complete the action. If possible, ask a friend to hold you accountable to your new action steps.

Now let’s put this all together in the Cycle of Significance. Input in your head leads to feelings. Feelings lead to actions. Actions lead to results. Results reinforce the input. Know that you cannot fail as long as you don’t quit. Know that others have gone before you.

Input comes in through resources such as podcast, a webinar, or attending a conference, reading a book, or having a conversation. Feelings are felt which causes goals to be stirred and vision to manifest. Action steps are created for exactly how to achieve these goals. Accountability to perform the action steps is put into place. The final outcome that you have is that you have produced change in your life.

I have employed this simple process repeatedly in my life and have enjoyed terrific results. I have broken out of that pattern of getting excited about something new and shiny, only to have it fizzle out so quickly. If you implement these same steps that I did, then you will also enjoy seeing your dreams become a reality more and more frequently.

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Chrissy Jaselskis is a health and nutritional coach, with a Masters in Education from Chestnut Hill College. Her areas of expertise include nutrition and self development. She specializes in weight loss, self esteem, and transforming goals into plans of action with measurable results. For more information, please visit her websites at and