In the era of modernization, no doubt technology has changed our perspectives, the way we see our lives. Advancement in technology has simply made our lives much advanced. With advancement in technology and artificial intelligence lives have no doubt become more comfortable.
But looking on the dark side of the technology, do you think are we going in the right direction? Is the world becoming the place that we imagine in our brains a place to live.

It is simpler to realize that a new technology is created it revolutionizes everything and make the lives better. Soon after a time, new innovations are built from the existing technology and this chain continues. But the negative part is that it is blinding people. People are unaware of how technology has started driving their minds. Mobile phones that are mostly used nowadays to go through social media. On social media, we rarely find anything worth for our development. In fact, at the subconscious level, it creates the impressions that you are not aware of. Social media is a platform that makes people compare their lives. Due to this depression arrogance has become so common among the youth today. It is not natural at all. With the change in the world, we change the definition of normal that is the level of hippocracy today.

So many crimes have become prevalent due to this. Cyber crimes are happening due to ignorance of people. We should understand that human dependence on technology is immensely huge. We use technology blindly and mindlessly. Without knowing the crucial aspects of anything, we rely on them. This makes us extremely vulnerable to technology. The makers behind them can easily manipulate the technology in their own ways and utilize it for their own benefits, harming a user. 'Ignorance is not bliss', it is important to know what a technology is all about. After all, it's made by the human species itself, the one we belong to. We have the right and capacity to acquire knowledge and be self-aware. No system is safe actually.
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Internet although is a great place where you can find almost anything. But it is misused by people and the number will increase.

On the other part, Artificial Intelligence is another amazing creation of science. But as shown in most of the movies, the smarter a machine becomes, the more are the chances that it will harm the humans. When a machine starts having a self-identity of its own, it will have severe drastic consequences as shown in movies that seem like a fiction but are not.

Human beings function the under nature. Although technology seems a great problem solver for humans still it is bringing us to the wrong end. Is it the action of the people that are evil or the technology created? Obviously, the first part is the answer. Comfort is never good for the brain.
Hence it is us who has to decide how will a technology affect us and how to get the maximum of it.

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Working as a technology analyst. Research at Delhi technological University