“One Goes Inward and the Other Goes Outward”

Great Vedic Sages thousands of years ago would go inward to find the same answers to all the questions about the Universe.

Now we have modern scientists who go outward to find answers to what the great sages of old already knew… and wrote down thousands of years ago.

The sage, yogis, teachers, and buddhas would go inward to experience love in all its forms across the Multiverse. While for the most part, modern scientists don’t even take love into account at all in their work.

Scientists burden themselves with knowledge by looking at the outer world with tests that were already answered thousands of years ago by the great sages in exact detail… such as the nature of the Cosmos and the existence of subatomic particles.

Scientists keep breaking everything apart into it’s smallest aspects while the great sages of old always knew the Oneness of Everything.

The great sages allowed all knowledge to pass through their mind without changing anything… because they knew they were ONE with EVERYTHING.

Modern scientists narrow their life view… while the great sages expanded their awareness by taking in everything.

Scientists today see many different things… but the great sages only saw the absolute Oneness of the Multiverse.

Scientists see themselves as only see themselves as a very small part of everything that exists… while the great sage saw themselves as the One… they “Were” everything… I AM that I AM.

Today’s scientists are confirming exactly what was written down thousands of years ago by the Vedic Sages of old… I find this all very interesting.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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