When you think of landscaping Malvern the first name that comes to mind is that of a landscape architect. A landscape architect is someone who has at least completed a 4-year programme at the Bachelor’s level in this regard. At times, she or he may have 6 or more years of higher education in this regard as well. She or he should also have interned at a landscape architectural office to get the certification needed to work as a professional in this particular sector. To become a landscape architect you need to be able to enjoy nature and appreciate the prospect of working with your hands.

Landscape Contractors

A landscape contractor is a professional who installs and implements landscapes. You can also contact these professionals if you want to maintain your garden. Normally, these people work with large units. They use a good number of trucks and lots of other equipment and machines to do their work. As you may have understood by now, they have lots of people who work for them.

Landscape Designers

The only person who can do your landscape design Malvern work is a landscape designer. The thing with these professionals is that there are many programmes to certify such a professional. At times, they may not be certified as well. These programmes are usually offered by educational institutions. For example, in some cases, you also have other organizations — and individuals as well — who offer such certification! The landscape designer normally works in areas such as cost estimates and site analysis. They also look at practical considerations like the following:

  • drainage
  • elevation
  • availability of light

They mainly focus on building a landscape that is sustainable and can be implemented with ease.


A landscaper is someone who specializes in maintaining gardens. They have smaller operations. They use small trucks alongwith trailers. They also employ professional equipment such as the following:

  • lawn mowers
  • string cutters
  • electric pruning shears
  • rakes
  • shovels
  • brooms

These people have negligible formal training. At times, they may have none of it at all as well. However, it cannot be denied that they are immensely experienced in this regard. If you wish to install gardens they are ideally the people that you should be calling. However, you should never use them to design your landscape as such.


The last name, but not the least, in this regard, is that of the garden designers. In terms of formal education in this regard, a garden designer may or may not have it. However, these professionals are normally really well versed when it comes to horticulture. They also deal with several areas that a landscape designer deals with. However, often they may not concern themselves with the hardscape-related elements. They are basically people who deal with plants. This is in the sense that they know how to create shrubs and plant beds that are good to look at. They also specialize in various other areas such as the following:

  • shrubs
  • ornamental trees
  • perennials
  • vines
  • ground covers

Now that you know about all these professionals you should always call the most appropriate one for your needs.

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The author runs a landscaping company in Australia. The author blogs regularly on landscaping Malvern.