If you would like to save time, effort and money on your next vacation, get ready to prepare. A planned visit is much more comfortable and frustration-free. While you are still at home, you should check your passport expiry date, check reservations, arrange local currency, buy travel insurance and ensure you have all the necessary paperwork. Copies of travel documents should be kept as backup, and even share a copy of the itinerary with your friends and family members.

Planning your itinerary

Travel guides and the assistance of travel agencies can be invaluable. You can also discuss your plans online with fellow travellers who have done the same trip as you are planning.


Travel arrangements should be made as per your budget, with the internet a great place to check prices online. From backpacking to staying in a luxury hotel, I have done both, but for my wedding anniversary I took the luxury route with a logbook loan and it was worth every penny, staying in a beautiful hotel overlooking the river Seine in Paris.

How to save money on your trip?

There are various ways to cut down your expenditure. Stop eating in tourist trap restaurants, instead find the places locals like to eat, take local transport, not taxi’s and make sure to find free wifi, rather than use your data allowance, all these things will save you a considerable amount of money.

Credit card travel rewards

Certain credit cards offer rewards and discounts on travel. From extra night stays to free travel for a partner, check their websites for any deals on offer, and do not forget that some credit cards come with air miles, so if you need to use a credit card, you might as well take advantage of their offers.

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