Reputation management generally refers to the acts of influencing and controlling a company or business’ reputation, generally through online means. The importance of Healthcare Online Reputation Management cannot be overstated, due to how the internet can negatively construe information. Online reputation management for the Healthcare industry would include tracking, monitoring, and eliminating negative social media material surrounding a particular brand in order to improve that brand’s reputation. A good healthcare online reputation management platform should offer to monitor these: 


-       Social Media Monitoring

-       Learning to React to Negativity

-      Raising Awareness


Social Media Monitoring

Having a stellar reputation online is not only about having to react to what people say about one’s business, brand, products, or services, but also about when to react, and whether a reaction is even warranted. A proactive approach to this subject consists of monitoring the public’s perception of one’s business on a regular basis, and not just when the public opinion is not in one’s favor. Social media monitoring allows a business owner to gather public content online, generally farmed from blog posts, tweets, Facebook reviews, google reviews, etc, which is then processed to determine whether the content is casting a negative or positive light on the company, in turn affecting the company’s reputation. If there is a considerable amount of negative attention being directed at the company, the owner then must decide how to react, if a reaction is even worth it. Learning to react to negativity is pivotal for a healthcare company’s online reputation management.

Learning to React to Negativity

Complaints about one’s company on social media typically do not warrant much of a response from the owner. Such complaints, despite their validity, rarely, if ever, pose genuine challenges to one’s business. Business owners should be far more concerned with their business’s negative reputation showing up in prominent spots in search engine results. There is a high potential for negative reviews if they’re posted on review sites and receive circulation or the right amount of attention, to show up early on search engine results. Moreover, sites dedicated to spreading negative information about a business, if marketed properly, could take precedent on a google search over the business being attacked. In determining how to react to such rampant negativity, assuming that the negativity does bleed onto the early search results, it is important for business owners to remain respectable and to not overreact. It is of utmost importance that a business owner monitors what is being said, reacts politely, and addresses the criticism rather than outright ignoring it. A company’s potential for showing up on page 1 of google should not hinge on negative reviews, but rather positive reviews. By employing strong SEO tactics in tandem with general online reputation management, Healthcare companies can easily navigate an often negative base of information by taking back the first page of a search engine, addressing criticism, and reacting in a polite manner. Online reputation management is very important for a brand to survive in the modern world.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.