A boat is an intricate vessel and while it can lend itself to a wonderful lifestyle, it’s imperative to prepare, organize and have a plan before moving on board full-time. Before you commit to living aboard your boat, it’s important you make a commitment to safety as well.

Safety First
Whether you enjoy boating as a pastime or commit to the full lifestyle, safety should always come first. Your boat should be equipped with CO2 and smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and personal flotation devices.

Monitoring the basic boat functions is critical as well – checking the battery, bilge, and fluid levels is a must on a regular basis.

Ensure your shore power connection is secure and safe. Check for signs of wear and tear, corrosion and burns. For the safest, easiest connection, install SmartPlug and never stress about your electric again.

If you will be living with children or pets, ensure their safety needs have been prioritized as well.

Essential Preparations
Moving from a home or apartment to a boat takes a lot of organization. Keep in mind that space is limited – closets, cabinets and drawers are a fraction of the size you are used to. It’s important to declutter before bringing your items on the boat. Have a plan for what is essential to your lifestyle and find a place for it to live on your boat so that you can safely move around the cabin and exterior. Maybe consider a storage unit for items you don’t regularly need. Plan in advance to ensure a safe living arrangement and to avoid the stress come moving day!

Living on a boat doesn’t necessarily mean your cost of living will be cheaper. Some of the expenses you will incur including boat mortgage payment, boat insurance, slip fees, maintenance, gas, waste management, food and water. You may also need to consider WiFi connectivity as well as cable/satellite TV.

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