Water and Wastewater treatment are two vital processes for preserving both our water sources and human life. That is why water treatment companies are constantly working to improve the technologies used in these processes.


The problem, however, lies in the fact that despite the advancements in these technologies, far too often they are left improperly maintained. Whether as a result of improper training, poor management or just an irresponsible lack of interest, this deficiency in water treatment plant maintenance is a serious problem.

The dangers for the public


The World Health Organisation reported that in 2016, 54& of all cholera cases globally originated in Africa. That means that both local African people and international travellers visiting the continent counted for more than half the total infection cases.


This is only the tip of the iceberg, though, as cholera is only one of many waterborne diseases. This is what water and wastewater treatment companies design their plants to prevent. But if these plants are not maintained, treatment becomes observably less effective.


For example, if a filter is not maintained and replaced as needed, it will cease to perform its function. Even worse, seriously faulty filters can even become breeding grounds for disease. It would look a lot like any household filter (such as in coffee machines or swimming pool pumps) that begins to take on a build-up of dirt. Except in the case of wastewater treatment plants this build up is highly toxic.

The economic burden


Speaking of toxic water, a Mail and Guardian article in 2017 reported on the severe economic burdens of toxic pollution due to a malfunctioning wastewater treatment plant in 2016.


This report stated that the Department of Water and Sanitation spent 145.5 million rand on fixing the plant. That is already a massive amount of money lost, and the report also mentions an expenditure of 300 million rand on the six different wastewater treatment plants’ maintenance.

The verdict


It is obvious that maintenance is a severe problem facing both the lives of our citizenry as well as the South African economy.


This is why at WEC Projects we have invested our efforts in manufacturing water and wastewater treatment plants that are robust and of high quality. These plants are designed to last, and our experienced and professional staff know how to maintain them, and even how to help others maintain them.


Contact us to find out how you can work towards a healthier future with cleaner water!

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.