The presence of Angel in disguise works like magic and makes everything possible and positive. The angel cards are the cards with depict mythical, humanistic figures, varied symbols, and stars. All this together are designed beautifully and these carry a message and advice for the one who seeks insight into his or her life through the reading and interpretation of the cards.

The cards contain important message and awaken one from their situation as well as suggests a remedy if there persist a problem. People often refer to these cards and wish to seek the divine guidance regarding their important decisions and at the same time strongly believe in establishing good relations with their angels who are considered as divine guardian and protector during their course of life. The cards are considered significant and it is essential to make the correct interpretation of angel cards for more benefit.

The historical fiction is another important genre in the study of literature. The historical novel as a work of fiction often includes details of fictional or important historical characters with great reference to major incidents and events of past age. These books of past offer realistic details of significant historical facts related to the events of one’s life, struggle faced, battle won and lost, the prevalent social conditions , the existence of mankind in the historical set-up and his experiences and learning in a realistic way.

The historical fiction expand ones knowledge and outlook for future once he has gone through the realistic data as contained in the work of fiction. Just as the theme , plot , characters should be well depicted ,it is important that the setting of the novel gets rightly represented as it is a piece of work that is dealing with a particular time period and the historic events occurred at that time should have a realistic account and authenticity of details and historic facts.

Romance novels provide readers with passion and hope, and are popularly read across the globe. Such basically deal with the fascinating as well as a romantic world far away from the dull and monotonous life. These novels offer readers with great delight and take them into a new world along with the characters in the fantastic, imaginary romantic world. The theme of the novel generally deals with the romantic encounter of two people and their problems and struggles with a satisfying happy ending together or even a tragic end. The novel may include a series of events of adventure, humor, struggle, or ego-clash or different problems faced by the protagonists of the novel before they both are united. It is a popular fiction and is widely read with great enthusiasm and interest.

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