Plastic surgery is a procedure performed on individuals who require their tissues or skin restored or some kind of reconstruction due to factors brought about by birth defects, accidents or burns. Such procedures require a certified plastic surgeon.

On the other hand, there is cosmetic surgery which is just about the same as the above procedure but done for aesthetic purposes. Usually, the individual desires to have a change in their looks. However, in recent times, we have seen people use these two procedures interchangeably.

When an individual decides to do plastic surgery, either for cosmetic or reconstructive, the surgeon has to talk to the patient on the whole procedure in general; including the risks. I remember in the case of my friend Joy, Toronto breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Beber, told her everything she needed to do know about having a breast reduction; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Without further ado, below are the major pros and cons of going under the knife for reconstructive purposes.


For people who were born with a cleft palate, making speech can be difficult. This is even more frustrating especially for children who have to deal with constant teasing from their friends. The same case applies to burn victims.

These conditions cause emotional distress, making them feel like lesser people and in turn, causes low self-esteem. When reconstructive surgery is performed and these conditions are addressed, the patient’s self-esteem is restored.

  • Needed by some patients for bodily functions

Again, I will use the example of a child born with a cleft palate. After plastic surgery, they can undergo speech therapy and in time, they will be able to communicate well with others.

Another example is for people who were born without limbs or due to an accident, lost them. In this case, plastic surgery where prosthetic devices are installed is necessary for them to perform normal bodily functions.

  • To enhance their appearance

Some people with defects do not like what they see when they look in the mirror. With just one surgery, patients can feel good about themselves


  • It is risky

Just like any surgery, there is a risk of something going wrong. This is the reason I insist that the plastic surgeon should prepare the patient for this beforehand. Also, patients should do adequate research on their operating surgeon as one simple mistake could cause major complications.

  • It is expensive

Plastic surgeries come with a hefty price tag. This kind of money does not come easily to everyone and coming up with the cash can be stressful for some people who are in dire need of the procedure. For instance, children with imperforated anus require several of these procedures on top of their usual treatments.

  • It can be painful

Patients suffer a lot of pain after surgery. This is especially true for patients who have undergone skin grafting and other major procedures. The recovery time may also be long and patients who have a low pain tolerance may get addicted to the pain medication.

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