It it clearly obvious who the most powerful women in the world are, and you can easily figure this out amongst yourselves just from all the cunning devices used against Black Women on a daily basis. The Black Woman is the most talked about woman in the whole entire world, from her unwanted naturally beautiful hair, to the welfare she has to receive due to systematic racism, and to her being the most undesirable woman in the world according to non-Black people. But why is there such a worldly attack on the Black Woman?

The Black Woman possesses a power which no other woman of no other nationality will ever have. To prevent the Black woman from accessing or tapping into this power, the world has manufactured many ways to destroy the Black Woman. But the world is running into brick walls trying to figure the Black Woman out. The world's white scientists study the Black Woman on a daily basis and still cannot seem to break the code on such a magnificent creation. From the theft of the cells from Henrietta Lacks, the Black Woman whose cells they had originally stolen, which ended up saving millions of non-Black lives, they still haven't been able to completely figure the Black Woman out. When those whom are non-Black cannot figure something out or when something is too difficult for them to comprehend or understand, they always seek to destroy it. This is the very reason for the ongoing silent attacks and manufactured destruction of the Black Woman. They seek daily to destroy her because they do not nor will they ever understand the inner power of the Black Woman.

The cells they originally stole from the body of Henrietta Lacks were and still are immortal. They never die. So if this tells you anything about Black Women in general, then you should know the power of the Black Woman. Every part of the Black Woman's body plays an integral part of who she is, including her hair. The world seeks to completely destroy the Black Woman and they begin by attacking her hair which is very important. The Black Woman's hair is connected to and interacts with all of nature. There is magic and power in the hair of the Black Woman, this is one of the main reasons her hair is under constant attack. The world is afraid of the day when the Black Woman remembers who she is and where she came from. As long as the Black Woman is busy trying not to be herself, looking and talking like women of other nationalities, the world is satisfied. She is the sleeping giant. She is the goddess whom sleeps. She is the tallest and oldest tree with the womanly curves. She is Nature.

Why can't the Black Woman just be herself in this present world? Because her power is too great. It is such a misfortune when the scientists whom study the Black Woman on a daily basis know more about the Black Woman's power than she does. For if she truly knew her own power, the Black Woman would fearlessly move about without a care in the world.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Monica Mi'Chelle, PhD is a Writer and Psychoanalyst.