Ever since AI was introduced, there has been much hype around the technology. There have been a number of speculations that are mere myths and need to be debunked right away.

Here’s a list of the most common ones.

It’s too early if small businesses incorporate AI:
When you’ve just started off with a business and you are still in the initial stages, you may be advised that you should not refrain from investing in AI. However, you don’t really need to follow that advice at it is just a myth!

In fact, it’s never too early to incorporate AI. Businesses, no matter what scale or size can benefit equally from the highly efficient technology.

AI will replace natural intelligence in the future:
There are predictions that the technologies such as Natural Language Understanding (NLU) will enable the machines to think on their own! It is also said that that AI will take full control of the mankind as the humans will depend more on AI in the future.

Well, this is yet another myth that people need to stop believing right away.

The reason?

Firstly, AI-powered machines are designed to make our life easier. No matter how efficient they become in making our work easier, they can never possess the emotional capability that humans have.

AI algorithms can make sense of all your messy data:
Unlike all the claims being made regarding AI’s capability, the algorithms used are no magic that they can process all of your messy data. You cannot expect the technology to magically process data that’s too broad.

At the end of the day, it is just a smart technology!

Being a technology, it requires you to employ a systematic approach. An artificial intelligence system needs high-quality information that has been carefully curated so as to provide the best results.

Machines will start learning just like humans:
There’s an incident that gave birth to this myth.

The incident dates back to a few months when Google’s Deep Mind AI started walking, climbing and running by trial and error on its own.

The event left everyone amazed and forced them to believe that machines may actually start learning on their own in the future. According to the researchers, that’s possible due to a neural network modeled loosely on the human brain. Such a network enables machines to learn through observations and in no case states that they can learn on their own.

Machines will always need developers to help them learn and process data the way humans can!

Hope you follow the facts and not the myths from now on (wink)!
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