Research shows that gaining fat around the face might be a result of general weight gain, or it’s a genetics issue. However, studies haven’t yet revealed how we can burn fats in some parts of the body. As such, there are few hands-on tips to burning fat on specific parts of your body, such as burning fat in your face.

But don’t count the battle lost. There are effective tips among those few tips that can help you achieve that facial look you crave. Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff.

1. Focus on Cardio Workouts

A 2012 study showed that Aerobics training (AT) is more effective in weight loss than resistance training (RT). What’s more, another study showed that higher intensity cardio workouts lead to more fat burning.

Regular Workouts

A moderate 20-40 minutes daily vigorous exercise can help you shed more pounds. As a head start, engage in cardio excises like running, biking, and walking. Any activity that can increase your heartbeat rate is worth your efforts.

However, according to experts, fat burning due to cardio exercise ends when you stop your cardio sessions. As such, lift some weights after the cardio sessions. Lifting weights will help you build muscles. As a result, you increase your body’s metabolic rate, and besides, your body will burn calories faster.

Nutrient-Rich Diet

This may sound off-topic, but here is the thing. Pairing daily workouts with a balanced diet will pay dividends to your face-fat-burning pursuit. More importantly, a nutrient-rich diet will save you from the effects of excess water, blemishes, and swelling on your face. Best of all, go for green vegetables and healthy fats. As such, avocadoes, walnuts, and almonds will serve as good sources of healthy fats.

2. Stay Hydrated

Talk of a simple and easy face-fat-burning hack, then drinking more water throughout the day is one of such a tip. Studies have shown that staying hydrated enhances weight loss and makes you feel fuller. Other small studies have shown that drinking water with breakfast can decrease your calorie intake.

Fat Break-Down

Tracking your daily water intake will go a long way. You see, water promotes lipolysis. This is the process where the body breaks down the fat in your body into fatty acids. Afterward, the body uses the products from the breakdown process as energy. And consequently, you end up shedding off those excess pounds. What’s more, you may end up with glowing skin.

More Perks

Increasing the number of calories, you burn throughout the day is far one of the best ways to lose more fat. Consequently, you achieve a slimmer face. More importantly, staying hydrated is thought to decrease your body’s water retention. As a result, this prevents bloating and puffiness in your face.

3. Aim for a Contoured Facial Shape

Full cheeks can give you a youthful face. However, if they are too full, they may end up looking puffed up and chubby. In this case, workouts and strict diet routines can help you slim your cheeks a little bit. But sometimes these routines many not produce significant results. As such, you may need different weapons to fight this enemy (the fat on your face).

Surgery Approach

The prominence of buccal fat pads can cause chipmunk cheeks. Buccal fat pads are masses of fat found on the sides of your face. Moreover, these are the muscles you see, extending from your mouth to the temple.

Surgery Procedure in a Nutshell

A surgeon creates an incision in your cheek. Afterward, the surgeon removes a portion of the buccal fat pad. Then he/she closes and dresses the incision. And ultimately, you achieve a more contoured facial shape.

However, this approach stages some risks. So, make an informed decision before going for this approach. As such, you need to do your due diligence and know the risks and other nitty-gritty associated with the plan. Afterward, you can explore the available options forbuccal fat removal in Toronto or generally options available in your country of residence.

You may need to combine different strategies and tips to achieve a successful face- fat-lose pursuit. But most importantly, the tips discussed in this article are worth your efforts. So, make some lifestyle changes, implement these tips, and enjoy the fruits.

Author's Bio: 

Amy Sloane is an alum from Oregon State University and spends her free time as a freelance writer and knitting enthusiast. Amy loves reading, cooking, and spending time with her dog, Molly.