Don’t get us wrong; we love our American shows and series too, but nowadays, Korean dramas (popularly known as K-drama) are all the rage and all the fun.K-dramas refer to drama series made in South Korea in the Korean language. Their new-found popularityis partially due to greater spread of the Korean culture, and they are widely available for watch in many different translated languages.This widespread of Korean pop culture is also known as the “Korean wave”. K-dramas are mostly based on the real world, and they have a great impact on our current culture and entertainment.

Now, you can even find original Korean dramas on Netflix in your preferred language. You can binge-watch them anytime now and enjoy their engaging and beautiful stories. Here is the list of some of the best K-dramas that are binge-worthy in 2020. Grab your popcorn and come watch with us!

#1. The King: Eternal Monarch

This Korean drama includes time travel, magic, tragedy, romance, a handsome king and a strong female character. This series portrays the story of a king of a fictional Korea, called “the Kingdom of Corea”, who finds a time portal amongst the bamboos. This portal drops him in a parallel universe, known as the present world.

Here, he falls in love with the heroine, Detective Jung Tae Eul, and both of them work together to find the portal that will transport the king back to his world. Their efforts, however, bringanother tragedywhere both worlds collide and time stops.

This is an interesting K-drama housing, action, romance, and tragedy all in one! Because the fictional kingdom is more traditional than the present world, the characters of the parallel world often wear traditional Korean clothing, known as “hanbok” or modernized versions of the hanbok. The drama not only has gorgeous clothing, but the actors and actresses are gorgeous too as well as the modern palace setting. With a fantasy-based scenario and a melodramatic plotline, it is bound to make you feel all the emotions and have you rooting for the main couple.

#2. Hospital Playlist

This K-drama series is a combination of The Grey's anatomy and other medical dramas and depicts the daily life of the people working in the hospital. The main story revolves around five friends who went to the same medical college and are now dealing with their life as colleagues. This show is currently on the top lists of the famous Korean dramas and is available on Netflix. Watch the drama now and join us in eagerly waiting for the second season to premiere in 2021.

#3. Mystic Pop-up Bar

If you love fantasy, drama and mystery, then Mystic Pop-up Bar is the show for you. This show revolves around a bar that is open 24/7. The owner of the bar is not an ordinary owner, but she is a spiritual being who has the ability to go inside people’s dreams and help them resolve their problems and concerns. She has just one month left to help 10 more people with their problems, before being condemned to the underworld. It’s a fun drama, mainly because the actress plays a very strong, outspoken, and spunky character. The main character has lived for 500 years and is from the Joseon era of Korea, and she appropriately dons hanbok clothing of the past – but with sheer materials and bright patterns that are modern Westernized additions.

#4. A Piece of Your Mind

It is an unconventional romance show between an artificial intelligence programmer and recording engineer. This show includes a lot of romance and drama with some humour. It's binge-worthy.


K-dramas are really picking up the hype these days, and they really catch your attention and make you fall in love with the characters and storyline. Above are only a few examples, but there are numerous other shows you can watch, which include romance, tragedy, mystery, humour, and fantasy. You can find the K-drama of your choice in your language on Netflix and enjoy it with a bucket of popcorn.

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